Thursday, 23 November 2017

Child Labour

Another school-related post here. And it's short. This is a little task from Social Studies that I completed during the "Child Labour" topic that was covered for a brief time.
  1. What is child labour?
    Child labour is when children are illegally employed to do work that an adult may be employed to do.

  2. Why does it occur?
    Child labour occurs for money-related reasons like trying to pay off debt, trying to get money for their family, and in some cases their parents may have been workers and so it could’ve been passed down to them.

  3. Briefly explain their working conditions.
    Child labourers work in dirty conditions in factories and places that could be harmful for their health, physically and mentally.

  4. Is this acceptable by the Human Rights?
    Child labour is not acceptable by the Human Rights because the work they do deprives them of their own childhood and their time that could’ve been spent enjoying their life doing things children do usually.

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