Thursday, 16 November 2017

Rua Kenana: Prominent 20th Century Maori Leader

Once more, another school-related piece. Earlier in the year for my History class I completed an assignment that included research into a prominent 20th Century maori leader. This research was to then be put into a presentation to show our understanding of our research. Out of the choices of Maori leaders, I picked Rua Kenana, a maori prophet who lived from the 1860s until the mid-1930s, was for separatism and established a community in the Te Urewera region.

Below is the presentation showing the information I gathered through the research process. I've gotta say this before you read on, I read this NZ Herald article a month ago or so about how Rua Kenana's arrest was "unjustified" and that he would be pardoned by the Crown a century on from the arrest that left two maori men shot dead and a couple of officers injured.

That's just a heads up before reading the presentation - I would think that Rua Kenana did what he could, even if it was illegal, for his people. To view my speaker notes press S when viewing the presentation. Enjoy!

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