Saturday, 19 August 2017

Persuasive Writing - Collaboration is GOOD

Another piece from 2014.

Collaboration. It’s best for learning, am I right? That is why I have chosen to go for collaboration, saying that it is best for learning. So, if you are one of the nay-sayers of the “debate”, I suggest you to keep reading, because by the end of all the explaining, and short stories, you might be able to change your mind about your opinion. If you are like me, then just keep reading, you might even get a couple more reasons for why collaboration is best for learning.

My first reason for why collaboration is best for learning. It is because you can then grow better in self confidence. This reason is meaning that when with others, you build more confidence in yourself to actually share ideas and opinions, not just staying with another’s idea, and not saying anything. I am, for one, more confident in my learning, as when I am in a group, they encourage me to speak to a crowd, or even, the whole school.

Another reason to back up my statement is because you can play to everyone’s strengths. This is meaning that when picking the right people to work with, you can use their strengths (one person can paint, one person can act, etc.), and so, that way, the work would be more efficient and up to standard. Another definition of this reason is because having others around with good abilities will increase the fun. I have experienced this many times in my learning, one of the times being in a group for inquiry, and with many abilities in the group, our finished product was well presented.

My third reason for why collaboration is best is because it might take you out of your comfort zone. As said in first reason, you build self-confidence, but not only that, collaboration takes you to do things that are, well, outside your comfort zone! Again, since you do new things outside your zone, it is easier to just step up and do something, instead of just standing or sitting there and watch. Again, with collaboration, I got to do things out of my zone, like painting in a short period of time for a certain project. Another example was, of course, speaking to people at an event, and that was definitely out of my zone.

In conclusion, if you are one of the people on the “against” side of “collaboration is best for learning”, after reading this will probably change the way you think towards collaboration. If you now wanting to burst with the one simple question, “How is it good?”, you will know the reasons I said in this piece of writing. I, personally, think collaboration is best because, in short, one, you grow in self confidence, two, if lucky, the people in the group might have certain abilities to help with the work, and three, it might, or will, bring you out of your comfort zone and new new things, which will probably help you in life someday.

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