Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tue 29th August - Today I Learned...

It's going to be FUN tomorrow!

Short post for today, thankfully, I'm in a bit of a rush to get some math “revision” done since there’s an assessment starting tomorrow for math. I came early to school again. Thank goodness. Weather seemed nice today. Sat at my spot, prayed and meditated, greeted a teacher who passed by. Eventually went to the breakfast club, had some toast and milo.

History was first (as always), but I wasn’t going to be there that long. I’ve mentioned earlier this year that I was in the school choir (May 17th, May 18th), and we were going to perform three pieces at the Year 10 assembly during mentor time (9:00-9:30). Last week we had performed to the Year 12s during. That was my first time EVER singing in the choir in front of an audience (I felt out of place since everyone else went to tour and performed to schools). Gotta tell you, reader, I was very nervous. Couldn’t let that show, of course. Along with Connor and Sini (classmates), I went to the hall at 8:40ish. Until 9:00am it was really just getting ready. 

At the assembly, the male choir went up first singing a piece called “Go Down Moses”. Then the girls sang the second piece called “Flashlight” by Jessie J. Then the whole choir sang this German piece called “Zing Dem Herrn”.

After that, I was relieved it was over. For now, at least. Tomorrow’s going to be a bit special - the choir’s going to perform to the Year 9s at the Year 9 assembly, then a bit later on in the day Pakuranga Intermediate will come in and the choir will perform, then some other local schools will come in from around the area and the choir will perform again. Then in the EVENING, there’s going to be the annual Music Department Extravaganza Concert, and the choir’s performing as part of the event. 

So exciting!

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