Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Hi, there, blog.

Forgive me for the lack of posting lately, I've been busy and haven't made blogging a major priority.

I'm planning and working on stuff for school and getting things together to make myself the "better me" - which in this case is my alter-ego from May and still continuing in August, who I've given a name.


A combination of me (Willy) and my previous alter-ego Abraham. So that I'm not fully in character the whole time.

I've realised that Gracepath Talk 2017 wasn't finished. My bad. I can't really leave the series like that. I'll get back to it in the next holidays, yeah? It's the fact that I stop blogging during a series that's left me with the yearn to blog like I used to - I will get back to it soon, I just need time to think about how to keep blogging a blogpost series (or keep blogging in general) without abruptly leaving it - quite like the Today I Learned... blogpost series. I was doing great throughout most of February, but it then went from a daily post to a weekly post to a monthly post to a bi-monthly post to get what I mean. Today At School... was a good attempt, but leaving it once again ruined it.

As this character of mine, I am sure to figure out something that I can do to get back to blogging consistently.

Soon, reader...soon...

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