Friday, 14 July 2017

Behind the Talk... (14th July)

Hi, again. Heh.

An old friend of mine came to my home just now. Joshua’s his name, and I’ve known him from my time at Gracepath Primary. Now, since the second half of 2015, he’s been knocking at my door from time to time. This one time he came through the pouring rain with his bike and asked if he could stay for a bit, and he said it was cold that he stayed out for longer, he would die. I rejected him. 

Now, before you judge me, he was clearly lying about dying in the rain.

I mean, look where he was now, TWO years later. Anyway, I opened the door and saw him in a grey hoodie with black shorts and sports shoes. His face was sporting with a cheeky grin.
“Heey!” he greeted me excitingly,
I gave almost a disappointed look. I thought I was opening a door to the man that was going to work on the phone line. The home phone wasn’t working because of the wild weather yesterday. “Why are you here…” I replied, then I paused before saying, “again?!”
“I came here to ask for your advice.”
“What? Why me? Why can’t you find anyone else?”
“Okay, so…” he ignoring my questions, “Should I ask out Michelle?”
Michelle's another friend from my Gracepath Primary years. “Hmm…” I said, wondering. I don’t why but I started to ponder...should he ask her out? I thought back to my primary and intermediate years. The two were a bit close, but not really, you know. Michelle knew Joshua had a thing for her - I don’t think Joshua knew that Michelle knew he a thing for her. Well, maybe he did, he probably just didn’t have the guts to actually tell her. But, wait, Michelle clearly didn’t like the thought of Joshua liking her, and IF Joshua knew that, he’d probably let go of her by now. But nope, years later he’s standing at my door, asking for my opinion about whether or not he should do it. Oh, stuff it, I’ll take the easy way out…I turned my head to face Joshua again and plainly said, “No.”
“What?!” he said back, looking surprised, “But I’ve liked her since primary.”
“Oh…” I said, acting surprised. I guess he didn’t know about what happened all those years ago. Or just forgot about it, I don’t know anymore.
“And she’s leaving today.”
“Wait, what? Then why would you…” I paused, looking confused.
“But she’s coming back, gosh.”
“So! Should I?”
“Why? You know that this is just infatuation, it’s not love.”
He stopped and looked at me. I reminded myself that he’s had a thing for Michelle for a few years. That freaked me out a little, liking someone for a long time. That’s not infatuation, that’s pure admiration. “Come on, Abraham, why do you say ‘no’?”
“Well, I mean…” I try to muster up something that would sound reasonable. But I can’t. That’s very out of my character. The first thing that comes out of my mouth is, “there’s something about her that I don’…and-”
“What is it? What do you mean?” he interrupted,
I realise what I’ve said, and it didn’t sound right, so I try to go along with it. “I don’t know, there’s just...something...about her...that I just don’t...I don’t know…like, I suppose.”
“What?” he questioned me.
My patience tank was running dry. “I’ve got to go now, bye. Just do what you want, okay? Go off now.” I shut the door.

I wish him luck for what he goes on to do. Sort of. If he didn’t knock on my door so much maybe I would’ve given him much better advice.

Oh, the man for the phone line is here. Gotta run.

Or walk.

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