Monday, 10 July 2017

Gracepath Talk - Monday 10th July

Robbery is one major problem Gracepath is facing.

There have been 22 incidents in which an individual (or group of individuals) have broken in and burglarised households around the suburb in the last month. In nearby parks, 13 reported cases of mugging have arisen. Residents of Gracepath have become increasingly frustrated as to why the suburb council have done nothing about the growing problem, many coming together last Thursday to carry out a peaceful protest outside the suburb council building. They were stopped by police whose department was next door.

A suburb council member gave a statement about the issue in an email:
“We are working to the best of our ability to carry out procedures, in which we believe will decrease the number of burglaries and public attacks. We express our sympathies to victims of these crimes and can understand the frustration.”
Residents are not impressed upon hearing the statement.

“This is all false hope,” says one resident who doesn’t want to be identified, “it’s been a month since these burglary rates began to spike up, they need to hurry up.”

Another resident shared the suburb council’s hope for a better future for Gracepath, saying “Good things take time, there’s no need for any ill will towards the council. I have faith that the suburb will see blue skies through these dark clouds.”

But how long will the people wait for the suburb council to think of something before another handful of crimes take hold?

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