Thursday, 13 July 2017

Gracepath Talk - Thursday 13th July

Bad weather across the country is adding more worry to local businesses in the light of the recent robbery and assault that took place in the suburb of Wildegate.

It rained and became windy after 1 pm thanks to the wintry storm going across the country, causing traffic havoc for motorists and making an impact on people outdoors. But dairy and shop owners have had to face the cold with otherwise open doors - in order to stay open for customers.

Troy Peters (48), a clerk at a supermarket in Gracepath’s centre, doesn’t mind the cold, saying “I’m used to it, really. I laugh every time I think about how I remain collected through this cold mess.” He did comment, though, that the fear arising from the Wildegate superette incident has added a bit more paranoia to his daily routine as a supermarket clerk.

Locals of Gracepath, when questioned about the matter, agree. “It’s 2015 all over again.” said one local, reminiscing about the Coperteen Road dairy robbery.

The weather report for tomorrow is showing signs of relief, the rain and winds easing.

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