Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part Two)

Wow, I haven’t done a two part post in a while. At this point of time, the class was focusing on algebra. I can’t really explain much about how I did the math work on the board - it pretty much felt like any other time I did the math work on the board.

I looked out the window a little from time to time, looking at the sun in the blue sky, clouds passing by. It was getting a little warm, though. I couldn’t tell if the heater was on or not - I hadn’t checked yet. Urgh, I’m getting distracted at this point, I needed to get back to work. I slowly turned back to my math boo-

The bell rang for a second or two and went off.

"Oh, gosh..." I said. Weird how I only heard my voice and no one else's. The class stopped.

The bell rang again and went off - again.

"Oh, gosh..." shot out once more, this time more surprised, and along with everyone else, I got out of my seat and onto the floor quite awkwardly.

The drill had begun.

The bell kept going on and off for a bit longer before coming to a stop, and everyone was on the floor - even the math teacher. There was some fantasising going on from where I was laying down - like students pretending it was real, sounding distressed - all that jazz. I was a little worried that I was a bit too close to the windows. Stephanie ( a classmate of mine) filmed a little bit for a little while, and laughed with Sini (another classmate).

I can’t really say much about the drill except for the fact that the position I was in was quite cramped - I decided to lie down on my right side and so I was unable to move much, and also I got my foot kinda caught between a heater and another classmate of mine by the name of Leenas (whose “new” to 10E, she and two other classmates moved up from 10D). The class was to continue a little on the math workbook during the drill so that there was something to do during the drill (it was funny how Mr A announced it as the drill began), and so, I raised my hand up to reach my desk to get my workbook and began to complete the activity.

I did a bit of the work before leaving it, and tried to whisper a conversation with Daniel (classmate, mentioned before in a TIL, and also, the classmate I sit next to for math), but unfortunately, he was turned away from me, so I could only (really) talk to his feet. A few minutes went by and Mr A got up to check the door, and to see if there was any sign of the drill being over. A big part of the class roleplayed as though he was going to risk his life during a life-threatening situation, and he went back quickly to the sound of laughter. In a good way, by the way.

Then a couple more minutes went by and the drill finished - everyone got back up and into their seats, and I was stuck momentarily under Daniel’s desk.

Don’t ask how I got there.

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