Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part One)

I came to school at 7:31 am.
So Dad and I could avoid traffic. It’s always bad on Wednesdays.

I walked around wondering if I was the only student in school. I didn’t see anyone else when I walked through my normal path to the usual spot I go to in the morning. In the future, I’ll call this usual spot the “morning spot” to save myself from explaining what the spot is in every post. The morning spot: the spot I go to in the morning (when I’m early), to dwell on anything that comes to mind, to embrace the new beginning of a new day, symbolised by the sunrise that I always see.

Also, the sunrise was beautiful this morning. I wish I took a picture to show what it looked like, that orange mixed with a yellow glow, and it didn’t stun my eyes when I looked straight at it. I walked around a bit more and ended up standing on the landing surface of those outdoor stairs that lead to the balcony leading to the inside of the second storey of E Block. Oh, boy, that was a lengthy description.

History came by, as always, and there was some work about the history of the rugby relations between New Zealand and South Africa and the politics that was brought into it through some of the tours between the two teams - with South Africa’s apartheid policy in place, New Zealand was divided through the years.

No mentor session today - so I had History for a full hour. At 9:30 am, there was an assembly for both the Year 9s and Year 10s, regarding a drill that was going to happen later on in the day - the one that I was talking a little bit about. The lockdown drill is what it’s called. It’s a drill that is put in place if there is a danger outside and near the school that requires everyone to stay inside - quite different to an evacuation drill, where the danger is inside and requires everyone to stay outside.

The procedure goes like this.

I’ll get to the actual drill sooner or later, though. Because of the upcoming drill, I guess that was the reason why today’s timetable was a bit different - from 9:45 am to 10:30 am, it was the first period. Then Morning Tea from 10:30 am to 11:00 am. After that, it was the second period. This was the period where the drill was going to occur.

But of course, no one knew when exactly the drill was going to begin.

So, 10E went on with Math and did some math work.

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