Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Today At School - Tuesday 23rd May

I was surprised to see that it was cold again this morning. For a moment I thought Monday started again and I was given a second chance to experience the cold frost going through Auckland again. Dad dropped me off to school and I walked to the spot I got to in the morning, and this time, there were these men working on the football nets. I walked back and forth before coming across Connor (mentioned him in an early TIL post), and we talked a bit about some stuff that happened yesterday, and then something about the football posts (or soccer posts), and then began this joke that parodies guys who belittle their younger brothers when at school.

In History, the class went over some more stuff relating to our new assignment related to the 1981 Springbok Tour. I was glad, I learned a bit about this last year. The whole issue was that South Africa’s rugby team the Springboks were coming over and New Zealand was divided after having an apartheid country come over. Mr Prentice then talked about different things related to how to research and present the information, and it sounds like hard work.

Also, there’s this special drill happening tomorrow, Mr Prentice announced briefly at one point during the lesson. I don’t have that much idea about what it’s going to be about, but it sounds pretty special! I walked into my mentor class with a question in my head regarding the drill, but that question was soon drowned out by the thought of this Pink Shirt Day themed talk by Ms Quigley and this other mentor (Ms Davis, mentor for the 10W girls) about bullying. I thought that was nice, bringing that subject up, and I also thought that making a paper chain made out of statements about what makes each person unique was nice as well.

Science was Science - it was a short period, and it was dedicated to some method and planning work. Then there was English, where we (10E) began doing static images. A static image is basically a picture that doesn’t move. Cartoons, photographs, posters, business cards and other things use static images to convey a message across. It’s to capture someone’s attention and influence them.

ANYWAY, to summarise the rest of my day: I spent morning tea discussing a little bit about the Ngata mural for the whanau art competition and it was hard. Math came by and it was pretty much normal. Music marked the revival of the three groups (there’s the Venezuelan Poodle Moths, the Dumbo Octopuses/Octopi, and the Panda Ants...I’m in the Poodle Moths), and I focused on memorising four chords - A minor,  G major, F major, and C major. Lunchtime came around, and I was hanging out with my mates for the first time this week...and it was different - tense conversation and some light argusation (argument and conversation) between me and Salesi (mate of mine). Social Studies came by, with more information about the effects of a tsunami.

And that was pretty much it.

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