Monday, 22 May 2017

Today At School - Monday 22nd May

I was wondering why it felt colder than usual when I woke up early this morning.

Coldest morning of the year, the news said. It was really cold. I really didn’t feel good having to change from my home clothes into my uniform because it was cold. This was basically the opposite of that Today I Learned post I posted a few months ago. But, the sunrise was spectacular...

That orange glow,
The day beginning,
I still feel my fingers and feet…
I guess I’m winning.

I mean, that’s all I can really think about as I write these words down. When I arrived at school, I began to turn into that Abrahamesque character I was talking about...

The cold air breeze,
Symbolise reality.
I get into character before anyone sees,
My other personality.

I walked to the spot I usually go to when I’m early and I gaze at the field almost blanketed in ice. Well, I don’t know if it was ice, but it was white, I know that for sure. I watched in wonderment at the white-green mixed scenery, before beginning to walk down this pathway outside T Block letting out sounds of wonderment at the sights, before stopping outside E Block, where I then continued my episode of euphoria until Mr Prentice came to open the classroom.

History went well (although the reminder that Mr Prentice was leaving this week was a bit of a downer), and at one point, while discussing the new assessment, a friend of mine remembered that I have a blog, and that he wanted to see it. I was hoping he’d forget about it’s still a bit weird, you know? It’s always felt weird having to watch someone you know react to a pastime of mine - blogging, in this case.

“Cool,” said one.

“Cute,” said another.

Oh, gosh, I felt so weird, *makes uneasy sound*, I still feel weird even remembering it. *another completely different uneasy sound*.

But anyway, it’s getting a bit lengthy already so I’ll summarise some main points. An assessment for P.E began today, and I think I’m doing fairly well, I guess (I may have let the team down at some points but it wasn’t about the points, it was about the three Ps, right?). Another experiment for Science, and once again, it was long and time-consuming, but it was worth it since two partners of mine and I got the first round of results...out of four...but, I guess we’ll get there soon enough.

Okay, so remember how I joined that whanau art competition? There was a meeting for ideas about our mural that’s due in around four weeks. Also, during lunchtime, there was the first official meeting for Edgewater Speaks, the speaking and debating club. I joined because I wanted to explore more about debating in general, and to improve my speaking skills. Also, Ms Clark is in it, too! I haven’t been in her class for anything ever since last year when I had her for English.

Oh, speaking of English, I handed in my essay about this film, describing an incident that changes the course of events. I really hope I get more than an Achievement grade, but…

Yeah! Actually, I’m hoping for that! I’m actually hoping for a Merit grade for my essay, at least. Oh, boy, the character’s kicking in and so I’m expecting something that I shouldn’t expect. But, I should at least keep my hopes up until I see the grade.

I really hope I make the grade, though.

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