Thursday, 20 April 2017

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response Introduction

So I was digging through the NZ Herald yesterday and I came upon this article:

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Now, when I read the headline and looked at the picture, I smiled quite a bit.

And that's weird, because if you read the article, it was summed up as being a terrifying TV special about a crew that go into a haunted house to find a ghost that scared thousands of viewers with its convincing live appearance, despite the fact that it was a mockumentary drama. It was blamed for the death of one person who was affected by the one and only screening on Halloween night in 1992. But, the people behind the programme never expected the outcome to be like this.

And that's understandable. It was originally a drama film portrayed as a live TV special.

It's not something to smile about, but I can justify my smile at this article. You see, last year, for a reading response. To summarise it, a reading response is an assessment where you write your response to a piece of text by describing two aspects of the text and why you liked those two aspects, and you could do films and songs if you did four novel-based responses because it counts as being a text...well, for a film, you'd need to list two aspects of the film based on stuff like the scripting, the plot, the reception, all that stuff. After my successful ""Heroes"" reading response (which I still cherish because it's still my favourite song), I decided to do a film. And so, out of the blue, I discovered "Ghostwatch" while watching this video counting down a list of something I forgot, but I discovered this film!

Coming up in a few minutes is my reading response of this film. It was terrifying, no doubt. I was watching this on a Friday night some time before Halloween and I fell asleep at one point of the movie (because it was night and I was watching online lying down), and in the film, the ghost banged on the pipes. And as I was dozing off, I heard banging...

Really faint banging...getting louder and louder...

But it wasn't from the film...

My eyes were getting shifty, and I was starting to panic...

Oh, BOY, was I getting scared! When i got up I realised that it was just someone knocking at the door. I was breathing so heavily, reader, I had to lie back down and gain control over my thoughts.

But, anyway, the next post I'll be posting will be the reading response. I was going to post it on here, but I just realised that I've rambled on and on.

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