Monday, 3 April 2017

April 3rd 2017

Hi, reader.

Today was my birthday.

I was amazed at the fact that it was sunny and hot throughout the day. I watched and read weather reports just yesterday and they said that there was going to be some showers and drizzle here and there throughout the day. That was unexpected.

But anyway, the subject at hand...I can't say much about what happened today. Don't want to make it a big deal or anything...I tried to keep it a secret throughout the school day, because it just sounds weird telling someone that it's my birthday. Like, you get into that stage in life as a teenager where when it comes to your birthday, it feels...well..."embarrassing" in a way, when others say "Happy Birthday" because well...I don't know...I know that I'm not the only one that feels that way.

Like, you feel kinda condescending in a way, sorta. Oh, hey, it's my birthday, don't be rude to me. Hey, I was born on this day 15 years ago, don't tag me during this game. Oh, so you're going to reject my greeting...on my birthday? 

I mean, I just did a prayer in the morning thanking the Lord for the blessings over the years, and prayed for more blissful years ahead. I tried keeping it a secret through the school day. I failed, and told a few people. Only a couple people, probably four. Then it spread. I half expected that. Then it slipped out as I talked with other people. I half expected that. Then I realised during the first break that the KAMAR school system notifies teachers about a student's birthday. I didn't expect that.

But at least I wasn't hearing a "Happy Birthday" song anywhere from anyone. I mean, if you read my birthday posts from 2014 (first part, and second part), I was a little embarrassed (in a kinda good way) probably almost every time the song was sang. So when period five came along, and Mr. Holmes (my music teacher) started playing that song on the piano at the beginning of Music, I put my head in my hands for a moment, before realising, hey, I tried really hard, and I came this far, I might as well embrace. And so I stood up and acted proud and bowed in front of the class.

Yeah, I felt proud. For around five seconds, then I attempted to sing a falsetto.

I failed.

But, anyway, school finished, and I came home, to Dad and his friend and Abby singing me "Happy Birthday". Then there was cake!

Cake, reader!

I never expected a cake! But it was nice! Really nice. Two pieces in and I was full.

But yeah, it was my birthday today.

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