Friday, 28 April 2017

GBW Coverage: Ustwynsia Preparing for War?

This is a 'Great Blogging War' spinoff series, with the blogging war visualised as a fictionalised war. All events and characters are of course fictional...

Military training on Ustwynsia private beaches reveals Ustwynsia’s show of force
-28th April

Reports have come in revealing military training on private beaches owned by Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy, showing the leader’s message of force proving loud and true.

Details say that tanks lined up and fired, firing outbursts of fire. Many individuals dressed in army clothing practised military procedures, the report has assumed, armed with props substituting guns.

A war of words: Tensions have risen between Ustynsian
Prime Minister (left) and Odrastan Chancellor since the
missile strikes on April 18th
This comes as fears of war rise after the controversial missile strikes said to be an “experiment” by Odrastan Chancellor Stanley. The Ustwynsian Press apologises for its mistake in its previous article - the death toll from the strike was at least 560. When the Prime Minister declared plans of retaliation, the Chancellor of Odrastan threatened “full out war” and that the country’s missiles could destroy the country after three strikes. This started the war of words that many say could reach a climax - an actual war.

Earlier today the Ustwynsian PM spoke over the radio to his people. Here is a piece of his announcement:

“ no dream, nor is it a nightmare. This is a reality. a call to action. All rise! For the country! We must not fret, and we must not shiver in fear...we must stand up to this nasty force! Odrastan must behave!”

No representative of Odrastan has declined to comment.

-The Ustwynsian Press

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