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GBW Coverage: Ustwynsia Preparing for War?

This is a 'Great Blogging War' spinoff series, with the blogging war visualised as a fictionalised war. All events and characters are of course fictional...

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Perspectives on The Czechoslovakia Crisis and the Munich Agreement

First off, before I get to the actual post, the links in my "Five Years" post are fixed, so if you couldn't access the documents, you can access them now. Hopefully...
So, for my History class, after the Dawn Raids topic, we were focusing on the Origins of World War Two. I'll do some sort of DLO to showcase my knowledge about the subject but for now, here is my completed assignment: I had to write two diary entries for two people, Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain, set in 1938 related to the events that occurred during that year.

Diary Entries of Neville Chamberlain

Over my course of being the Prime Minister so far I’ve made quite the stir in Parliament, especially with the foreign secretary Anthony Eden, concerning my policy of appeasement. Just now, I’ve been informed that he has resigned from his position.

Cracks have started to show concerning my policy...

Earlier today an MI6 agent came into Parliament and spoke about German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and how his military would be ousted if we joined forces with Czechoslovakia against Nazi Germany.

As a strong believer in appeasement, I ignored his report, to the sounds of mixed agreement and disagreement. My reason for appeasement is because Germany has suffered much grievance from the conditions of the Treaty of Versaille, paying reparations and losing much land. That’s one of the factors going towards my appeasement policy, to give Adolf the land he wants, and that will be all.

But I find it hard to believe that members of Parliament, including the opposition, the Conservative Party, along with its leader, Winston Churchill, believe that going against a powerful and big power like Germany is the way to stop them from taking more land, when in fact this kind of action leads to war! My policy of appeasement will establish peace in Europe.

This man has already broken one of the terms in the Treaty of Versaille, having announced an “Anschluss” with Austria, an annexation of the neighbouring country. As a supporter of appeasement, I assume Chancellor Hitler will stop with these demands for further annexation of land, in the hopes that he will stop all this nonsense leading to war. But, despite the appeasement, I condemned his strategy of using force to annex the Austrian land.

I flew yesterday into Berchtesgaden, to speak with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler concerning the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. My intention was to have talks with Fuhrer to convince him that his intention was to take back the Sudetenland, not to invade Czechoslovakia. Another intention was to keep peace, for a man like him is capable of causing an outbreak of war. We lost many lives in World War One, and lost millions of dollars spent on war artillery and defense, which led to the collapse in 1929. We as a nation need to avoid war at all costs because of the effects it causes us.

After much pressure from British Ambassador Nevile Henderson, and a few letters sent from him, the German Chancellor and I continued talks about the issue at hand.

For a man like him, his intentions may be more than annexing a piece of land.

It became heated during some moments of our talk. He explained that somewhere around 300 Sudetens have been killed (though he did not clarify how or why they were killed) and his intention to take back the Sudetenland will put that issue to rest. It sounded as though that he wanted to use force to gain back the land taken by Germany, and that no negotiations would change his intentions.

If that is so, I questioned him, then why did he allow me to come here?

Blast this sour kraut! I have wasted my time!
I plan to fly back to the United Kingdom tomorrow.

A few days back, I flew back to Germany to speak with the Chancellor again. This time, in Bad Godesberg.

As I write this, it’s around four in the morning, and the German Chancellor and I have had long talks about his intentions to take the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia. I decided to fly back to Bad Godesberg to have talks with the German Chancellor about the current crisis.

End result - the Bad Godesberg Memorandum, in which the Fuhrer puts down a plebiscite for the Czechoslovakian government to give the Sudetenland. If the government do not fulfill his wishes, he will then take the land by force. I condemned his method and deemed it unacceptable.

I have flown back from Munich and into England after the successful Munich Agreement was signed and settled, and have announced to the people of the United Kingdom that this was peace for our time. We have avoided war!

Diary Entry of Winston Churchill:

I understand my place in this House. The Opposition Leader, who opposes almost everything Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain puts out to the public. But, peace is at stake. Once again. The policy of appeasement is opening the door to war and conflict. In March, the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler formed a unity between Germany and Austria using the method of force. This breaks one of the major rules of the Treaty of Versailles that was formed and signed in 1919.

I made a statement at the time that this man was not to be trusted, and I agreed with the MI6 agent that came by the other day that military forces from the United Kingdom and Czechoslovakia would oust the Nazi German army. But, with his little appeasement policy, Chamberlain disregarded the suggestion, and I made the unpopular opinion.

I may have a small following in the parliament house, but it’s not big. There were rumors of the Nazi Leader taking back the Sudetenland and, possibly invading Czechoslovakia. To defeat a man like him, we should’ve stepped in to put the German Chancellor in his place. War or no war, we must pick the hard side over the soft side. We have showed our soft side, now we may expect to be hit by the hard side - the hard side being Germany.

The talks in Bad Godesberg and Berchtesgaden have done nothing to aid the Czech crisis. Although the document containing signatures from the Fuhrer and the Prime Minister declaring peace and no war, we cannot rely on that piece of toilet paper that will soon go down the toilet, leaving our country, and possibly the world, in toil and in darkness, drowned by the Nazi takeovers in neighbouring countries. The Munich Agreement has not given us “peace of our time”. I mentioned in an earlier speech in October that we have doomed ourselves with giving Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Germany the Sudetenland that was taken from them as a result of the Treaty of Versailles. The president of Czechoslovakia wasn’t present at the meeting! I feared that in the upcoming days, weeks, or months that Czechoslovakia will be invaded by Nazi stormtroopers, under the cruel rule of Hitler.

Hitler is a very bad man. He’s blowing up the balloon that is his power. We must stand up to him. Or else, war will break out. And if it happens to break out soon, we must prepare for it.

GBW Coverage: Brief Introduction...

The following is fictional and is a spinoff of another fictional blogpost series: Blogging War. Characters do not resemble real life people.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April 25th...

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I recently found out that there is a smaller number of people attending the Gallipoli ANZAC Dawn Service this year, the reason being probably because of the chance of a terrorist attack.

Now, I wanted to compare large crowd numbers coming to Dawn Services without the fear of terrorism, so that we stand united, to the ANZAC soldiers who strived through those gruelling eight months, yet not showing any sign of giving up or fear during the Gallipoli campaign.

But I just can't seem to get the right words....

We shall not be afraid. We shall remember them...

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Social Studies: Religion Assessment - "Examining Islam"

Hello, again, reader!

This is my "completed" presentation examining the faith of Islam. Basically I was studying different areas of this religion and had to make a presentation that covered these three areas:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Social Studies Term One Trip Experience

This post is about the trip I went on during Tuesday, the 11th of April. I went along with 10E, my Social Studies teacher Mrs. Scott (she's also the Year 10 Dean) and her other class, Level One World Culture Studies. For 10E, the excursion was related to our main topic for Social Studies: Religions in Asia. So, for the first part, we bused to a Hindu temple in Papatoetoe. We took our shoes off when we got in, and I sighed in relief that I picked socks that didn't have holes in them.

What a relief. But hey, it would technically count as holy, right?

In the temple, this man talked a little bit about Hinduism and the gods that we were looking at, directing at one god after the next, and then we were able to move around a bit to look at the statues of the gods and we were also offered fruit! I got a banana and I was thinking to myself: Wow, I might as well eat it now! And so I ate it...

And halfway through eating I looked around at everyone else who had a banana and clearly saw that they didn't eat theirs straight away. Cue the dramatic dolly zoom. I remembered that I wasn't supposed to eat in the temple. Oh, boy, I was embarrassed. Really embarrassed. I felt as though I was disrespecting - but I didn't even know it!

Moving on, we moved on to the next destination - an Islam mosque in Otahuhu. It was a very interesting place, quite different to the Hindu temple. There was quite a lot of space...quite a lot. There were no chairs (except for a couple of chairs on the side but that was for the elderly who couldn't pray on the floor), and Mr. Milton (he's the Head of the Social Studies Department, and also a Muslim) talked about Islam and some clarifications about woman in Islam and this terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible group who are interpreted as being part of Islam but are quite the contrary.

After the talk and explanation, everyone quietly went around the mosque to see its features. The biggest one (kinda literally) was this dome ceiling, with a bright and beautiful chandelier hanging from it. Mr. Milton said the chandelier, despite its big appearance had no religious meaning and was just decoration. Either way, it was beautiful. What was even more beautiful was that I could hear echoes from the dome as I sat down. It was amazing, reader. Hearing distant quiet voices so clearly, the only way I described it was know how you wear headphones and listen to something in stereo audio? Yeah, it was that clear. If not, even more clearer than that.

We went off to our third and final destination - a Buddhist temple in Manukau. We waited for a bit to wait for out guide and while waiting, I was cracking pun after pun, and false accusation after false accusation (don't worry, it's part of an inside joke). Skip the waiting, and the whole tour began! It started with this lady talking about this process of some sort: making a vow, putting it into action, something I forgot and being compassionate to others. We then moved outside to the courtyard, and it was wonderful. We were allowed to go around the area to the different parts of beauty, and it was peaceful. There was some background music, and there was not much talk going around. I went to the bathroom first before basking in the middle of the courtyard for a few minutes before we were told to go back for another talk. And hey, for once, I've got a picture of this moment! It was taken by Pritesh, a friend of mine, who previously took another picture that I haven't revealed just yet...mostly because I never began writing about the event surrounding the picture, but that's for another post.

We moved on quickly to this little gallery filled with pieces of calligraphy and these...uhh...I forgot what they were called...well, one of them had the objective to bathe with Buddha, and there was this area with "pillows" (I don't want to say pillows because it kinda takes off the effect of the act), and I was one of the two people who got to walk around and claim that I was superior. Not in a literal sense, of course, but, well, I felt a little better about myself for a second there...

I've got to say, it was a peaceful end to the trip. Very quiet, very tranquil.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response

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“Ghostwatch”, directed by Lesley Manning, is a drama film, where viewers witnessed television personalities venture into a “unique, live investigation, into the supernatural”, and end up upsetting viewers all over the United Kingdom. Two aspects that I admired and enjoyed (sort of) from this film was that it gave off the impression that it was “live” to viewers unaware that it was a drama film, accidentally fooling the viewers, and the reaction from the viewers after the programme aired.

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response Introduction

So I was digging through the NZ Herald yesterday and I came upon this article:

Click here to read the article
Now, when I read the headline and looked at the picture, I smiled quite a bit.

Isaac Jack and The Two Pirates

Here's a piece of writing that I never got to post. Written in either 2012 or 2013, I'm not so sure...

Back in the old times, there was a teenage boy named Isaac Jack. He lived in a cold, bare cottage with his mother and father. His family was poor and they had no money. His father would spend his days hunting for wild animals for his dying family, while his mother was trying to find some spare stuff to decorate their inactive home. Isaac was feeling sad every time he looked at his soft parents, so he demanded himself, “I need to help my family!” so he went down to a stranded beach, which he had never seen before, because it was his first time ever that he was outside, and he kept on searching, and searching, until he could find something that looked like something he could spend for himself and his poor family. “Here, money, money, money, here...” called Isaac, but then he tripped over something shiny, and golden. “Wow! That looks cool.” exclaimed Isaac.

But! That’s not the end of this story...just about a quarter of a mile away, two abnormal English pirates were staring at Isaac, as he was amazed at the polished golden item like an eagle staring at a fish. “Hey, Mingi, that brat has got our circular gold!” exclaimed the pirate whose name was Singhji, the intelligent pirate, while Mingi was the dumb one. Just before Isaac would get out of the weird place, he heard a noise from the two alienating pirates.
“Oi! Get back here you or else!” exclaimed Singhji, as he strolled to him,
“Nah! I don’t even know ya!” replied Isaac in a bad mood, although, he was scared of Singhji’’s features.
When Singhji was upset, he yelled, “You wait until I get my hands on you!!” Then the three ran from the abandoned place, to the town hall and the village.
“You’ll never catch me, I’m flexible enough to go to-” said Isaac, but as he was finishing his words, he bumped into a police officer.

“Pardon me, but have you lost your manners!” questioned the officer,
“Sorry, sir.” replied Isaac, “These two men have been following me from this weird place to here, and I found this.” said Isaac more as he handed him the gold.
“Oh my goodness! It’s the stolen gold that we have been finding for years!” exclaimed the officer, “Now I’ll be taking these two twits to gaol. Here is your reward for finding this masterpiece...” the officer mouthed more. Two years later, his family was rich, so rich, that they lived in a two storey house that was made out of straw. Isaac was thanked for his act, and although not official, was named by many as Sir Issac Jack.

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Information Report about Kumara

A post I never posted from 2012. Really weird, the things you dig up from the past. I just said that because this post relates to a vegetable that comes out of the ground.

It's some good writing, I gotta say. I bet in this case, I shouldn't forget where my sense of writing came from, y'know, I shouldn't forget my roots.

Oh, boy, those two puns weren't plant.

Okay, here's the piece...


A kumara is a vegetable. The english translation is sweet potato and a kumara is healthy. There is no healthier vegetable than it. A kumara is in a plant family called “Convolvulaceae”.

Kumara comes in different shapes and colours

They have smooth, unbroken skin, that could be used in varieties or salads. There are different types of kumara like black kumara, yellow kumara, orange kumara, and golden kumara. There is also another one called “Taputini” kumara, which grows on the ground and looks alot like a carrot. A taputini kumara is also the same size of a carrot.

Kumaras Habitat

Do you know where kumaras live? Kumaras were originated from the pacific islands. They grow almost everywhere in New Zealand. The kumara was found in the Bay of Islands in the 13th Century.

Facts about Kumara

Kumara has been in New Zealand for many centuries. Captain James Cook found Kumara growing in the Bay of Islands in 1769. Maoris use kumara for tradition. The best months for growing is during July, August, and September, and then months for harvesting is October, November, and December. For better growing, the kumara must be facing North. Kumara has Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Growing Kumara

In the olden days, people used many tools to make a kumara grow faster. They even used something called “Lava Rocks”. The they would harvest in 105-120 days time. Then they plant it facing north. When they have planted the crops, they do a karakia for the main crop. Now in these days, people grow them by planting them on the ground and put lava rocks on top on it. It grows in the same time it’s given. Some farmers grow kumara.

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New Blog Look


If you've been in and out of this blog, then you might have noticed something about. The whole blog layout has been changed. I felt as though I needed a bit of a change after five years blogging.

It's quite a bit step, since I've never done such a thing like this before. I might be a bit late, and some of you may have already gotten where things are and how things work, but this post is just to remind some other readers who may not know where things are, or...well...the major changes to the blog.

Now, this is just temporary...for a while...if you want to, you can comment some thoughts about what you think. It's quite a different, simple look. But, I mean, if there are no issues with how the blog looks, I might keep this look as it is. But I've got a copy of the old template in case there are calls for a change.