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Wednesday February 22nd - Today I Learned...

So the day began on a few good points. Today was Mentor Photo day, and it was quite different this year. Last year it was taken by some older students (like, probably Year 12 or Year 13 students, I forgot). This year, it was being taken by PhotoLife, so it was more...set up? I mean, like, in the usual kind of fashion, with the curtain and everything, and, I mean, there was that slip where you could choose to buy the photos.

You'll see the difference sometime later on this year, but here is my mentor group's picture last year...

Now just wait for this year's mentor picture to see the difference. You'll see what I mean, I know you will.

Also, there was going to be individual photos for the ID cards. I’ve never had that before. Usually it was just a class photo, but hey, it saves time to take ID photos later on. But, anyway, I was just thinking of maintaining my neat and tidy look for the picture, since my mentor group’s turn was at 3:05pm - so I'd have to get through the hot day. Spoiler alert: I almost did it, until something happened during the lunch break. I came into History at an early time (at around 8:28am, haha), and for Period 0 (that’s the name of the period) there was discussion over a task about the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and some of the terms the treaty created for Germany (mainly). I was kinda stuck on some questions, and I had only nearly finished the first page of two.

Mentor came by and there was a bit of a talk about Period 6 (ooh, first Period 0, now Period 6). Period 6 was a compulsory period after school, for students who haven’t reached the expected amount of credits for their EC10 Diploma. Or achieving any credits for NCEA. I forgot to mention that since 10E is the top Year 10 class, the class isn’t doing Year 10 work, but Level One work for some subjects. Like Social Studies. And History (for some students, though). But Period 6 was not a good period to be in.

Then there was a reminder about the pictures, that were being taken at 3:05pm.

First period: English. Since it was a short period, everyone focused on either reading or finishing off their title pages for their English Workbooks. Second Period: Math. I wasn’t struggling too much with the work, I just didn’t have a calculator on me, so that made things a tad bit harder. But, I got through in the end. First break came after. Marco wasn’t at school because of some special event, so Royal, Salesi, and I couldn’t play handball, and that meant that walking around would have to do. Nathanael said this pretty offensive thing to me. Okay, it wasn’t meant to be offensive, we both clearly knew that. Here’s what happened. He walked by with his group. “Stop running!” he yelled at me jokingly.
“I can’t run!” I yelled back, loosely reminding him that I have a heart syndrome. He quickly assures me that he didn’t mean it that way, but I brushed him off.

French. There was a bit of a recap on numbers. The class were learning numbers in the hundreds and thousands (e.g: one hundred = un cent, one thousand = mille), and there was a bit of a test. Out of the 10 numbers called out, I got 6/10. I mean, I’m still getting the hang of it...I just need to practise more before the real test on this coming Friday. Oh, we also split into partners to ask these questions in French (I can’t remember the questions, I’ll tell you later, reader), and I was partnered up with Sharon (this girl who used to come to Tamaki Primary, but never really talked to me during her time there, and last year she brushed me off every time I said “Hi” to her even though I made a pretty good point that you shouldn’t really yell out “Hi!” when you’re right next to the person you’re saying hi to), and then after about one minute, she swapped with Mele (old friend from Tamaki Primary)!

“Oh, I see how it is, Sharon.” I said out loud, emphasising her name. I said it in jest, but still, that was pretty...pretty...abrupt. With Mele, we got through a few questions. We went through the question about the phone number, like “What is your phone number?” in French, or something related to that. I asked her that question, and Mele began saying this phone number in French, and I started writing it down. That sounds weird, but of course I wouldn’t call it after. I don’t have a phone. “That’s not my real number, Willy.” Mele said to me (well, along those lines)
“Oh, yeah, I know!” I replied, then quickly added “Would be weird if I called it up, heh...oh yeah, what, Pizza Hut? Yeeaah, uhh, I’ll get one hawaiian…” Well, okay, I said something along those lines.

P.E was next, and Miss Potter wasn’t at school apparently. On a study course or something, I couldn’t confirm it with anyone so I just went with that assumption. For the whole period, though, it was basically free time. Usually during P.E, i don’t do much during free time. But, Connor (10E classmate, mentioned him in a previous TIL) asked me if I wanted to shoot some hoops. Not play basketball (thank goodness, because weirdly enough I’m terrible at it), but really throw some basketballs in the hoop (...i’m still bad at doing it...but not for loong 😉), amid the chaos of other sports balls being kicked and thrown around. I was doubtful at first, missing the hoop several times, and Connor was encouraging me to keep going until I got a ball in the hoop, and I really tried!

Then, with the thought that I was going to miss the hoop once again…

I got it in!

I couldn’t believe it!

Connor and I called out a prolonged “Ohhh!” and I went down to the ground, just so pleased that I got it in. And then it happened again!



AND-I missed it after four shots in….

Welp, it was fun while it lasted. The rest of the period was dedicated to just trying to get the ball in the hoop many more times, playing master (that netball game), and watching to see if I was going to get hit by any sports balls that were being thrown and kicked.

There was lunch, and then there was Science, but I left the class around 10 minutes into the period to go out for the pictures! I was half-excited and half-worried, considering that I wasn't looking too neat and tidy after lunchtime. And I didn't even get enough time to get ready! I thought we were going at 3:05pm. But instead it moved to 2:35ish. Into the hall, and I see these two big board-image-things that looked like it had clouds on them. That was for the individual pictures. Then there was the big curtain. You know, where the mentor group would go to take the mentor picture.

Now, I haven't gotten the full picture yet, but I have a small, black and white version of my individual picture...

By the way, sorry for the late post, reader.

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