Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wednesday 1st February - Part One - Today I Learned...

Dad dropped me off at school in the morning. Our goodbyes were very brief, since Dad drove into the bus area, and a school bus was coming in. Sorry about that, anyone who was on that bus and saw a car in the bus area. Almost running out of the car, I walked into the school gates, popping my bag on my back and keeping my stride unbroken.

Walking past the student centre, Eric saw me, and greeted me with a quite firm handshake. I walked with him for a little while, talking about learning and all that. He then went off to another guy and talked with him for a bit, and so I stood there, outside B Block, deciding whether or not I should walk along with him (because as he was talking to the other guy, he was walking away from me). I decided to walk off without him, but not too far or too fast, I gave quick glances through the bushes as I walked slowly and slowly, but continued on in case Eric came bac-
“Hey!” someone said, with a familiar voice, coming from my left side and grasping me in what seemed to be a half-hug. I was both surprised and stunned, as I turned to my left to look at who did that to me. Wow, it was Te Harangi! That was...weeiirrd...once I knew it was her, I was even MORE surprised and stunned! So surprised, and so stunned, I took a few steps speechless while staring at her, and then (jokingly) walked off.
“Gosh, I thought you’d be at Pakuranga!” I told her,
“Urgh, that’s what everyone’s been saying!” she replied back.

Oh, boy, I did not expect that. Not at all…

Not at all.

Minutes scroll by, and I’m walking a few more familiar faces. There was Royal (one of my friends I walked with around the school last year), Preniven (he was part of that little group ‘Confusion’ for that little group game, in which the group won), Sam (that guy who got injured during that Year Nine Physical Competition thing on the 13th of April last year), Daniel (that guy that lied to me on the last day of Term Two), and Amol (I don’t think I’ve properly mentioned him, but he’s the “guy who I met during the powhiri” on February 12th last year). We were talking about some random stuff, like why some of the classroom buildings were taken away, or where we were walking (sometimes when I walk with others, we’ll end up walking without thought), and whether there was actually going to be History class happening at 8:30am.

Oh, I forgot to mention this to you, reader. Late last year, towards the end of the school year I think, I was pulled out of class, along with many other students, to talk about possibly doing Level One History as an early morning class. It was going to start at 8:30am, but I was told that it wouldn’t be starting on the first day (well, the Year 10’s first day, the Year Nine’s started yesterday), but yeah, I’m going to be going to that early morning class starting from tomorrow.

The time was coming near for the first Year 10 assembly, and more and more Year 10 students came near the gym, waiting to get in, and talking amongst each other about stuff and stuff. Lots of talk about boring holidays and other students came about during a couple of conversations. Skip a few more minutes, and we’re in the first Year 10 assembly for the year. After two prayers, Ms. Scott welcomed everyone and some announcements and reminders followed. Manners were going to be enforced this term, some students have moved up in core classes, and some have moved down in core classes. After the talk, it was time for the Year 10s to get their timetables, so that they’d know what they were doing for Period One.

I had English first. And it was confirmed, I was in 10E.

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