Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wednesday 1st February - Part Two - Today I Learned...

Nothing much happened in English, it was only some talks about expectations and rules, like being on time to class, no devices in class, being prepared for learning, all that kind of stuff you’d probably expect. Was pretty awkward during the lesson where he mistook me for another student, but hey, he was learning, I was learning…

Everyone was learning.

Math was next. My teacher was still Mr. Abeysuriya, and that was nice, actually. I thanked him and shook his hand as I walked in for this Praise Postcard that was sent to me before the holidays, which said something along the lines of my good process in mathematics. That was very nice, and very surprising. Unlike English, the class started on work, and it was about standard form. Since I received that Praise Postcard, I’m going to really try my best for Math now.

The first break came-ah, forget it, MORNING TEA came along and there was not much happening to me. Just walking with Royal, talking about stuff. Although it got boring quick, so we walked around a bit, before stopping to see Amol with Connor and the rest at the table tennis area. Amol was playing that tiles game where you tap on those piano tiles. Yeah, I’m not that great at describing that game, but I know one thing for sure!

He’s better at that game than I am! Haha 😂! Ha! 😅 Ha 😆. Heh 😃. Hmm 😊. Yeah... 😐 Hmph 😕.

French came after Morning Tea. There was a new French teacher for this year. Her name was Madame Founé (pronounced as Fou-nay). I didn’t know if she’s going to be a permanent teacher or just a replacement teacher for this year, since Madame Mowat (she’s another French teacher) was on maternity leave (I’ve been told that from other people, just letting you know). But anyway, the class was more packed, reader, MUCH more packed. And that wasn’t so good. It was so much louder and it was harder to keep the class quiet. I was even more surprised that this one student, who was actually kicked out of his French class, was still able to be in the classroom!

I mean, whaaaaa?!

For the lesson, Madame Founé introduced Mademoiselle Clark (I learned that her title was possibly the same thing as “Miss” or “Ms”, whereas Madame Founé’s title was the same thing as “Mrs.”), and then began the lesson. It wasn’t really much, only some revision of numbers in French. It’s been a few weeks away from school, so most of us students (probably) remember parts of French from last year. Oh, and I forgot to mention, when we did the roll, something (apparently) cool happened. Madame Founé was doing the roll for the class, and I wanted to do something different, since the people before me were saying the same thing...I don’t know why I did it, now that I think about it...but here’s how it went down…

Madame Founé: Comment tu t'appelle?
Me: Je m’appelle Willy…

Et toi?


Madame Founé: What is your name?
Me: My name is Willy…

And you?

A surge of “oohs” then filled the classroom, as I laughed and made a hand gesture (it was like a phone hand gesture) towards myself. Pretty weird question to ask, now that I think about, because I already knew her name…

Moving on, the next subject was P.E (Physical Education, if you don’t know). Since it was the first day for Year 10s, I was kinda expecting that there wouldn’t be an actual lesson (as in, the lesson wouldn’t involved any physical activity). Everyone went down to C1, where Ms. Potter was going to properly introduce herself (most students in 10E were in 9E last year, so they’d probably already know a bit about her, but there were new students in 10E that were in 9D last year). She went over a few things, about herself, about some expectations, some rules and the consequences for not following class conduct. As it finished, Ms. Potter gave everyone a piece of paper. It was like one of those sheets that had you filling out questions so that the teacher gets to know you better.

I was really thinking hard about the questions this time, and I don’t normally do that when filling out those kind of forms. Three words to describe yourself, I think one of the sections said, and I put down…

Not the worst.

But then I actually thought about it and decided not to act playful with the question, but instead put a real answer in there. So, I went with this…

Not the worst.

Waiting for change.

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