Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday 7th February - Today I Learned...

I came in early today. Thank goodness. Just before History, I stood outside S2, through the windows, watching the clock to see if it was time to go in. When the time came, I went inside with Eric, Sam, and Pritesh, signed in by putting a tick next to my name, then grabbed the resource for the lesson. It was information about Waitangi Day (which happened yesterday) and the task was to make a timeline using the resource.

Mentor. Nothing much happened. Just some students swapping mentor classes. And some guys finishing up their Science homework. Science. Oh, boy, I wasn’t finished with my homework, and I don’t even know if I did it correctly! I took notes throughout the whole lesson to help myself with the notes later on in my spare time, just so I can cope with the other page of homework that everyone got at the beginning of the period. English was next. The class focused more on our autobiographies that we started on Thursday. Break. Forgot what happened. I can tell that I wasn’t talking much, just trying to eat some of my lunch and all that.

Math. 10E did some word problems relating to standard form. I wish I could make a DLO about standard form but I can’t really find out how to actually explain it. I have some notes that kinda helped me understand standard form, but...you know, it’s kinda hard, I’m starting to get back into Math again. I just hope I don’t jinx myself and end up being terrible at math again.

Music. Mr. Holmes was there for the lesson (he was at the Year 13 Camp if you remember the post from last week), and he introduced the first practical and the first assessment. It was to play the guitar tab of “Scarborough Fair”. Or play the chords of that song on piano. Or play that song on bass guitar, but a lot of students picked the guitar. I paired up with this one guy (who was new, I assumed, as it seemed that he was a Year 10 and I had never seen him last year), and we were pretty bad at the beginning. It was all noisy and stuff with some of the students mucking about on the piano. I mean, I don’t know what’s the point of playing random keys on the piano. I mean, at one point, when the new guy and I stopped to listen to the racket, it sounded like “Blackout” by David Bowie for a few seconds (from, like, 0:31 to about 0:35). Anyway, I was struggling to get through the song, with the confusing numbers and where it was, trying to remember that you look at those six lines from a certain angle so it’s more easier to play the guitar, but it was challenging.

Lunch came by, and then after lunch, there was Social Studies. Now, we were getting started on Asia, and we received these booklets where we had to complete the activities and stuff. I don’t know if you noticed, reader, but I’m currently typing this on Friday, so it’s a bit hard to remember what happened on Tuesday. I know that it was a booklet, and we did an activity on Ethnicity, Race, Gender, and Culture, sorting out pieces of paper with a description into each category.

Okay, so that was about it for today. I’m trying not to make the posts too long, just so I can save you time reading :)

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