Monday, 6 February 2017

Waitangi Day 2017

Today is Waitangi Day. New Zealand's national day. After Australia Day, I thought I might as well do a post on Waitangi Day, knowing that if I only did Australia Day and not Waitangi Day, well, that would seem pretty weird, wouldn't it.

So, here it is! The post reflecting on Waitangi Day!

Now, I was going through memory lane (like I usually do sometimes these days) and I picked up this video from 2014. You see, reader, I was in this reading group called the Royal Pages. It was a big group, with half of the members from Room 8, and some members from Room 7. But anyway, the Royal Pages entered this competition that was about making an informative video about the Treaty of Waitangi, and how/why it is still relevant over 170 years on, and if they won that competition, they'd get a free trip to Waitangi and would go on a tour surrounding the Treaty.

 I've got to mention, reader, that this was where I met John for the first time, and I worked with him in a little group. Forgot to say, during the writing process, the Royal Pages were split up into three groups where we wrote about one of the reasons, which were Participation, Protection, and Partnership. I was in Participation. But, anyway, we did all the writing with help of Ms. Kyla (who was a big help in getting the information for the video, even getting a Labour MP by the name of Carol Beaumont come to Tamaki Primary for an interview). The presentation below shows the finished storyboard for the video...

Now, the video was submitted to the judges, and I had high hopes for the video to do well. I mean, it was really informative, it showed some pretty great reasons for why and how the Treaty is still relevant (not being biased here, just stating the facts). Here's the Royal Pages' video below. Enjoy!

In the end, the video came first or second (I forgot), but the Royal Pages got to go to Waitangi for about three days. Amazing!

Happy Waitangi Day!
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