Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday 2nd February - Part Two - Today I Learned...

Okay. But, anyway, I knew it was John, and apparently another guy knew it was John too. I found out later that they went to the same church. He sat across from me, and I helped him answered the first few questions. We both didn’t finish it in the end because of what happened next. Mr. Prentice got everyone to stand up and form a line, and then he placed those post notes on everyone’s back, and then everyone had to try and guess who they were, according to the post note. It took me a while to get who I was. After a lot of guesses, and a little hint, it turned out I was BeyoncĂ©. Nice! John was Hitler, and I felt sorry for him…
“So I’m famous, right…” John wondered,
“Well, I’d say you’re infamous, in a way.” I replied to him, as other students wondered how John would even get it right.
“Am I liked by a lot of people?” John asked,
“Oh, no…” I immediately answered, along with other students who were nearby.

But anyway, he got it in the end, and everyone just talked amongst themselves before being dismissed for mentor time. My mentor was still Ms. Quigley, and I was glad :) she introduced this thing about using those little notebooks as a diary of some sort, that had the term planner glued in it and, you know, other sections like where the goals would be, a page or two to keep track of our credits (there’s 100 credits this year to pass Year 10), and a space for reminders and stuff. I really liked this idea, and for its purpose, too - to be more organised.

Oh, boy, I’ve made it go too long again. I’ll summarise my day in just a few sentences (okay, this is Willy from the end of this post...uhh...well...I failed at summarising my day). Uhh...Math was in the first period, and there was a seating plan this time. I’m with Daniel...but, you know, he knows what I was thinking once he came to sit next to me. I was continuing in my goal to get better at Math, and it was going good so far. I was actually going pretty well! I mean, there were a few incorrect answers and mistakes here and there, but, hey, it was going well! Pretty well! I then decided to stay in a few minutes after the bell rang to copy down some math questions for myself to answer in my spare time.

Music came by, and Mr. Holmes was away on Year 13 Camp. So, the class had Ms. Haddock, who gave out another variant of those sheets where you fill it out so that the teacher gets to know a bit about you. I handed out some spare sheets (well, it was awkward how I did it, but I won’t explain) and from there we completed the sheet. Then another sheet came along, where there was an alphabet, and everyone had to think of an instrument, artist/band, and fruit/vegetable that started with each letter. During the session, Ms. Haddock showed everyone this video of “Something” by...urgh, I can’t remember who it was from...I know that there was a band, and there was a singer who sang with a unique voice, especially at this one point where Ms. Haddock pointed out to everyone. Then there was a sheet where everyone had fill out, putting in two choices - the first choice would be their choice of instrument to learn how to play, and the second choice would be the choice of instrument to learn how to play, if their first choice of instrument was unavailable (probably due to a lot of people who had already chosen that instrument). We had free time for the last few minutes of the period, and I had nothing to do. Well, except for talking with Christian and Cezar, talking about random stuff from a guy knocking on Christian’s door at around 7am, asking him if he wants to go to the movies, and Cezar talking about Ms. Scott, whose classroom was in C2, and me talking about my guilt with my heart condition sort of bending the rules during some games last year.

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