Remembering EOTC Week - Thursday 26th November

"It's the bump ride..."

Y’know, now that I think about it a year later - I really don’t know how I could have body aches from Monday, all through Thursday. I really don’t know...but still, in the early morning, when I was getting ready, I decided to just wear some clothes that seemed...alright. My favourite jumper along with a green t-shirt and some pants to go with it (sort of). I remember getting a few compliments from other people, that was nice of them.

It was even nicer when they complimented this other jumper I wore later on in the day (at the sleepover).

But moving on, I can tell from the actual post that I was still complaining about the fact that I didn’t come to JUMP on Wednesday because of the placement test. I mean, really, it looked like fun, from the pictures I looked at later on. Also, it was a really long trip on the bus...I took a picture of mostly everyone on the bus to keep the “ooh boy I’m getting excited” vibe going…

It was overall a great experience for everyone - seeing them in the water, enjoying themselves. In the EOTC video that was removed after viewing, there was lots of footage (I think) that was about Waiwera. I mean...ugh, I still blame myself for not getting attention to the video, but it was just…


By the way, lots of people told me it was the best video I had ever done in the whole year...I’m still proud of it...


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