Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesday 1st November - Part 2 of 2 - Today I Learned...

A game of handball was being played by Royal and Marco (another mate of mine), but that was it. I really missed walking around places. Especially the places where we wouldn’t usually hang out.

Good times.

But, moving on, English was next. 9E was continuing on with researching on a person we admired. Not “admired” as in that lovey-dovey stuff, but admired because they were famous, or were/are a role model to us. I was researching David Bowie and was struggling to get information to answer the open questions I had about him to answer. But, what bothered me even more was that Nathanael was continuously asking me to sit with him (because he was sitting by himself), and I was - at first - reluctant. It would waste my time. But after he made a point that I’d be wasting even more time arguing with him, I moved to the same table as him, but not next to him. It looked sorta like this:

At the end of the period, I was left with a bit of work done. I found a few websites that sort of answered my questions about David Bowie, and as for Nathanael...well...he liked Elvis without music, I knew that for sure. Moving on, I went to Math next. It was a short walk to E6 (Block E, Classroom 6, downstairs), but on arrival, I saw some students show a slow, staggering stride out the classroom. They all showed shameless but shaken and flustered faces, filled with attitude to the brink as they (without any manners) walked through people, onto their next class.

Before I move on, let me just mention that one of them carried those portable speakers that many students have been carrying around the school to blast out their songs during Morni-I mean, break times. I just don’t get how they get the joy out of putting their music out in the open, shoving it in people’s ears. It’s a miracle when the music’s nice and easy going (but that’s a rarity) that won’t cause someone else who also has a speaker to start playing THEIR music and initiate some kind of “who’s gonna play their music the loudest” contest. Also, the music they play are kinda in bad taste, anyway. The amount of slurs and cuss words spitting out of the speakers aren’t giving such a good image to the students around the school, and kinda reflects on them. Someone could have some, well, music that’s all about rebellion and intoxication that cause them to be stupefied and egocentric. I mean, the only good song I ever heard out of a portable speakers was this Christmas song that was accidentally played. But, as I was saying, the concept I’m selling about music influencing behaviour is, in some ways, true. For example, the students who walked out the classroom just before!

Okay, so now that I’ve done that, it’s time to stop the pausing and carry on with this moment of time. I walked in, and saw another older student who seemed like he was stealthily trying to sneak an apology to Mr. A (A for Abeysuriya, but I’m never gonna say that for pronunciation reasons), but Mr. A wasn’t having any of it. He looked annoyed. The older student went out the door, and more 9E students came in. For Math, we focused on time measurements, and I found out Mr. A. had moved this test to Friday, so I better get revising! Well, if I can, I mean, the whole subject has been such a pain. 9E had been doing some stuff about shapes and diameters and perimeters and circumferences and radiuses and volumes an-AAGH! My, goodness, math wasn’t always this hard! I miss the good, old days where you only worried about multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division...the joys of being good in math...all coming down on me as I go through college.

Lunchtime. Still the same thing happening. Wishing for a change, though.

Last up, Science. If we go back to yesterday’s TIL again, I said that “The task, really, is to sort out this food web that includes animals, and rearrange them to fit with their descriptions on the instruction sheet.”. I was continuing on with that, since it was finished. I also said yesterday that “I was struggling through the whole period...”. Well, I was getting better at it. Even though I was pretty slow at getting through it - in Kristopher’s perspective, that is…oh, yeah, might as well tell you now, reader. If you read a TIL from February 9th, I first mentioned him on the first lesson of French:

“I worked with a co-operative guy, and he was really helpful. The two guys on the other side of the table...well...we helped them a little bit.”

No, he wasn’t the “co-operative guy”, he was one of the two guys on the other side who needed a bit of help. The other guy got suspended in Term Two. I didn’t know his name at the time, so I never thought to use his name. But, anyway, it still surprises me that he’s in 9E. I don’t mean that in a snobbish-like way, but...wow, I can’t explain why I’m surprised…

The things I’d tell you about him that surprised me…oh, you don’t know the HALF of it! *ends with laugh*

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