Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thursday 3rd November - Part 2 of ? - Today I Learned...

Moving on, P.E was next, and boy, was it something different this time! First, everyone had to get out all those blue floormats that they use for P.E, and sit on the mats. Ms. Potter (P.E teacher) then told everyone that we were going STUNTS, and that we would experience “weird and wonderful” positions of some sort, and that she’d take pictures of our poses. I was a bit confused on some positions in these tunts, but I would soon cope. As long as I didn’t have to go on top of anyone, I’d be fine.

I went with Aramus and Nathanael and we kinda mucked around for the first few minutes, discussing which position was the easiest position to do. There was this one position where two of the three people would be at the bottom, while the third person would stand on their back. We did it the first time after some laughter, but there was no photo proof. This would later turn into a running joke where I’d yell out “Take the photo!” or “Hurry!”. A few minutes passed and Ms. Potter got the shot:

Then as Mrs. Potter continued taking a picture, I decided to do a peace sign.

Standing up, Mrs. Potter approved my choice of the peace sign, and jokingly said something about me being really peaceful and really deserving of an award. I then said jokingly that I’d include her and other people in my acceptance speech.

We then did another pose that quickly failed:

And, after a few minutes deciding who should do what, we did this position:

Then this:

Now, if you can look at the back of the last picture, you can just see Stephanie sitting down and Tyson (slightly cut out of the picture) looking at Nathanael as he does his pose. For the next position, Nathanael, Aramus, and I decided to get together with Tyson, Stephanie, and Kristopher to make a little pyramid. I’ve never been in a human pyramid before, so it was something new. I don’t know why, but I was chosen to be in the second row, and so I had to go on top of Nathanael and Tyson. I was so worried, because I’m not usually the most serene person when I’m top of someone - or, like, if someone was carrying me. And also, Nathanael was holding me, so I was worried if I was too heavy. It took a breath and a push to maintain the pyramid, and I could feel Nathanael’s back, in the most uncomfortable way imaginable.  I repeated the phrase ‘I’m sorry” throughout the whole thing, as I saw Nathanael’s back go lower and lower. Ms. Potter then took the picture:

After the pyramid fell apart, I apologized a few more times to Nathanael, who commented that my knee was digging into his back. Kristopher also noted that he was the only one smiling. Well, he wasn’t wrong. After that, everyone in 9E (well, most of them) gathered to try and attempt to make a human pyramid out of the class. I first had hope, since mostly everyone did a pyramid. Then I found out Kristopher was chosen to manage the pyramid and make sure it was going to be a pyramid, which made me feel iffy.

Skip a few minutes, and we see that the pyramid was starting to form. Well, I thought it was, at the time, since I was at the bottom, and Nathanael was on me this time. Oh, boy, that was some weight to hold. Now I knew how he felt! I tried to maneuver my back into a position where his leg wouldn’t cause so much pain to my back. But then, Stephanie got on. Then the pain was excruciating. “Aaaaagghhh!!! OH MY GOOOSSSSHHHH!!!” I yelled. I think I was yelling the whole time. I know for sure I yelled out, “Take the picture!” or something like that.

One thing’s for sure, this was a new experience, and though it hurt my back, I (along with everyone else) wanted to do it again! We went back to our positions, and this time, Nathanael’s leg rested on an (apparently) bad part of my back. OH, BOY, did it hurt. Nathanael was being criticized for something I didn’t hear about, but I know what Nathanael clearly said (because he was close to my ear this time). He said something along the lines, “...but Willy can’t handle it!” and I could get what he meant. If you were there, reader, you’d know that my screams of agony, were really in agony. Even in the picture below, you can see me smiling with a wink. I winked because, you know - people who are in pain usually close their eyes for some reason, but I can’t really do that since the picture’s being taken,

It was funny and fun, and I really don’t know why, but I started laughing out loud as the pyramid stayed intact. It was almost like some sort of anaesthetic that blocked the pain.

Luckily, at this point of time, the pyramid fell apart, just before I could collapse in laughter. When we finished, it felt a big weight had came off of me. Literally!

Thank goodness that was over and done with - my back was hurting. There was not much happening in English other than some work on the research on the person we personally chose to research (I’m doing David Bowie, by the way, and it’s a bit hard), so I’m going to leave this post here for now. In the meantime, you can go through this album with pictures of the stunts and poses from the other groups in 9E!

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