Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday 24th November - Part One - Today I Learned...

I came to school at around 9:05am.

There was an assembly for all the year nines. Since I was late, I was half-expecting Ms. Scott to mention me as being late and unprepared, and then everyone would look at me with a squint of surprise, mixed with disappointment.

Luckily, that didn’t happen. Hardly anyone noticed me, actually. Well, except for some people who just said hi to me. That was it. When I sat down at the front of the 9E line, there was small talk about who was going up with Carlos for this little skit about behaving in an exam, since Cailib wasn’t here. They asked me, and I willingly said yes. Pritesh, who was going to replace Cailib for the skit, was happy. Although, I didn’t have any idea of what to do - I only knew that Carlos and Cailib would be a good and a bad student. That was it. But, anyway, the assembly began and so did the long line of late students. Mrs. Scott talked about some whanau leadership and the whanau groups, the student leadership programme I was talking about in yesterday’s TIL, some congratulatory sections and certificates handed to some people, and then there was talks about the upcoming exams.

This was then where Carlos, Ma’asi (didn’t know she was in it), and I went up. There was a little chocolate bar on the desk I was going to be sitting at, and I took it and put it in my pocket. Don’t worry, I left out one bit of detail for fun. Anyway, the three of us stood in a line to represent how we should line up outside the hall before the exam. Then, Ma’asi brought out some stationery (ruler, pens, pencil, rubber, all that stuff) for the exam, and she went to sit down. This was then the time where Carlos and I did the skit. I’ll explain it again if you forgot - the skit was going to show I was told by Pritesh to follow Carlos’ lead. “I’ll sit here?” I asked Carlos, being cautious,
“Yeah, go ahead.” he said calmly, with a smile on his face.
“Okay.” I said, though deep inside I was a bit worried and nervous that this wouldn’t go so well. Carlos was sitting in front of me.
Mrs. Scott then began the skit and looked at me. I was the “good student”, and so, with instinct, I got out my pen, and pretended to write down some stuff. Carlos was the “bad student”, so he turned around to me and started to talk to me, while keeping his smile intact. I acted as though I didn’t want to talk to him, looking at different places, but tried not to talk. Then…

Mr. Rosie slammed on Carlos’ desk and yelled, “OI!”

Oh, boy, both of us were frightened!

I gave a very, very, shocked and surprised look while Carlos told Mr. Rosie (something along the lines,) “You didn’t say this was part of it.”
Then Mr. Rosie explained what Carlos would be doing since he “talked during the exam”. This included sitting the stage for everyone to see, picking up litter, doing some other consequences - some other stuff. I was too busy acting like I didn’t want to be part of it (it, as in, getting in trouble, so I continued “focusing on the exam”)

Anyway, the skit finished and the assembly ended after a few wise words from Mr. Rosie about hard work paying off, and...some other words, but, anyway, moving on….

Food Technology. Oh BOY, this post has gotten long already, hasn’t it. Anyway, everyone was just filling out some blank spaces about some different sections of food. I think. I don’t know, reader, I’m confused about what the foods were related to, really. Probably just some vocabulary and some details about it. I remember “Flour”, “Sugar”, “Dairy Products”, “Salt”, and some other stuff but I really don’t know and can’t remember. For P.E, nothing really happened. It was just free time. And I don’t really do much during free time because...well...I don’t know…it’s probably just because of the fact that I can’t really do much when there’s lots of other sports going around.

Yeah, that’s all I can say about that.

There was English (after Morni-urgh! FIRST BREAK), and it was spent doing some revision for the either the first exam coming in the next period (Languages exam, I’m doing French), or revision for other exams coming next week. I spent some time catching up with a reading log that was overdue, and then focused on some French revision. I was bored since I had no one else to revise with, and the two Zoe’s (who also did French) are just a force you can’t interfere with - because they seem close. I went over to the other side of the classroom to see Kris, Pritesh, and Davnesh revising. It was a short conversation, and I got into a brief argument with Kris, as I said something that implied that he wasn’t so...bright. But it was by accident, I promise. He’s like those students that kinda leave work there gathering dust and only does it when they feel the need to. I mean, come on, we all know someone who’s like that. Come on, you know what I mean, right? Riight? Please reply, it’s getting a bit awkward now that I’ve mentioned this….

Oh, what’s the point - I don’t know what you’re saying, anyway. But, skip a few minutes later, Ms. Clark asked me to take Kris down to the nurse because of...something...he...did…


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