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Throwback Thursday: Wednesday 15th June - Today I Learned...

Hi, reader.

Well, then. I thought I wouldn't do this again, but here I am.

I'm typing down another "Throwback Thursday" post, where I post something that wasn't posted before. This was a Today I Learned post from the 15th of June. This takes two weeks after The First of June, when Nathanael and Carlos' act of truancy took place.
It was past nine o'clock. I was late. Once again. Dang git.

I walked to the mentor class and Tyson was in my seat. Sure, it's just a seat in the class that I sit on most of the time whenever I'm in S2 (Block S, Classroom 2), but, still, you know, I like that seat. Now I had to sit on the opposite side. Today, for the mentoring session, everyone received these little stamp things.

Ms. Quigley went around, stamping the stamp cards for everyone, checking the uniform and attendance. I think there was a thing about shaving or something, I don't know. I know that I shaved last night for the sake of, well, shaving. I mean, that would've jeopardised my chance of getting all of my stamps stamped. I saw part of the word "shave" or "shaving" on the whiteboard somewhere the day before. Before the bell rang for the first period, Ms. Quigley told everyone that there was an assembly tomorrow, and that 9E had won this afternoon competition thing against all the other Year Nine classes. Let me tell you, reader, that afternoon was very cool. And very, very, physical, too, I should've sat on side instead of run for the activity. But anyway, moving on to...

Social Studies. Now, for Social Studies, it was going to be in one of the computer rooms. It was in T3, to be specific (Block T, Classroom 3). 9E were focused on reading websites and answering questions about the article. The articles and websites and Google Search result pages were about different subjects. The Syrian civil war...The Holocaust in World War in the Middle East...what places used to be called...this felt like some sort of revision or something to prepare for an upcoming test. I mean, we were doing stuff about refugees for a while now, and it's getting close to the end of Tern Two...

Ah, forget it. Meanwhile, Nathanael was told to swap seats with me, and I didn't like that one bit! And neither did he, obviously. I sat at his spot, between Cezar and Tyson, before Eric offered his computer spot. That was nice of him. For the rest of the period I spent time searching stuff about...stuff, and overall felt a bit...bummed out, you know? Mucking around, then taking my spot...

Well, it got a bit better once I walked to D2 (Block D, Classroom 2) for Art. The class were continuing their animal artwork, with pastels and colouring over the animal we chose a few days ago, or probably the last few Art sessions. Preniven (a mate of mine who I met during Music) and I chatted a bit about some subjects of learning, and of the fact that 9E could be behind every other Year Nine. We also talked about "testing" stuff. It's an inside joke that strangely started from a question during Music. Something happened with Nathanael, though, and I didn't know what was with him. I tried getting my mind off him and tried focusing on my work, but it just got worse. He then left the classroom. I was shocked. That was strange. Usually Ms. Brayshaw told him to get out, but now he went without her guidance. Integrity? I think not. Later on, I got news that he would be suspended. Whoa. Can't believe it. I don't know how long he's gonna be gone for, but I hope it won't be so long that he's gone for the rest of the term.

But, getting back to the art, at the end of the period, I got into a good start for my animal, it looked a bit different to the others that was good - the text was what stood out to Ms. Brayshaw.

Morning Tea. Or Interval, as others would call it. I've just been so used to saying "Morning tea" for such a long time, it's pretty hard to change to "Interval", It's like the time periods for the lessons - I keep calling them "blocks"...crike, five months into college, and I'm still using school terms for things...But ANYWAY! Moving on! To what actually happened during Morning Tea...while Denzel and Tyron went out to the field, I was with my other mates (Marco, Salesi, Royal, La'Baz/Labaz, and Carlos) playing a game similar to volleyball...but with a scrunched up piece of paper. It was fun, even though it started to rain halfway through the game...I had just seen a pretty good rainbow through the clouds. It was big - almost fading away from the rain - but striving through it and giving me a glimpse.

But no one else bothered to admire it.

Oh, well  :-/

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