Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Remembering EOTC Week - Wednesday 25th November

"Hi, everyone, my name is Willy. This is-it's Wednesday..."

"Let's see what the tally says!"

Wednesday, the 25th of November, 2015.

This was the (as judged by many) “best day” of EOTC Week. This was the day where the Year Seven and Eights went to the AMF Bowling Superbowl for one half of the day, and then went to the JUMP Trampoline Park in East Tamaki. This was also the day of my final Manaiakalani Ambassadors presentation, and also, my placement test for Edgewater College. Prior to Wednesday, probably a week before, I had complained about both events occurring at the same time as the Bowling/LASER Strike session and the JUMP Session.

Of course, it was all sorted out on Tuesday, and the plan is shown and told in the posts I blogged at the time. Links are at the bottom.

I’m kinda glad I did the final presentation. Mrs. Burt asked me to do a new speech anyway (about the movie I made) so I thought “What’s the point of the presentation if I don’t go to the presentation?” I realized that this could well be the only chance I’ll ever have to talk about my movie to people in real life, and not in a few blogposts. It was good, just wish I didn’t rush through it (because I didn’t want to spend less time at AMF Bowling, but still, there was the thought at the back of my mind that the movie was really something to remember).

Ms Kyla then dropped me off to AMF Bowling, where I got a few tries at doing some bowling. I wasn’t very good (as always, with bowling), but at least someone helped me very much to make me feel good again about bowling.

Then there was the LASER Strike session. Oh, boy, that was a fun and joyful time, even if I had some time left before I had to leave for the placement test. Just darkness and neon lights guiding the way, and screams and gunfire going around. Gosh, even to this day it still feels weird describing “screams and gunfire” as a fun and joyful time. It just sounds suggestive, doesn’t it...but, you know what I mean, right, reader?


But moving on, it was fun while it lasted, but I had to go and get ready for, you know, the placement test. Oh, boy, how I was so bummed to miss out on JUMP, because when I came back to school before it ended to catch up with everyone, I could see from everyone’s faces that they had a good time, and were pretty tired!

*sighs* How I long for the time I experience what everyone else experienced…

But it’ll never be the same…

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