Thursday, 24 November 2016

Moi! - French Poster

Hi, reader.

Welcome, to another post, about me learning French. The year's gone by so quickly, don't you think? And so, to end off the French assignments, the last poster for the EC9 Diploma (a diploma a Year 9 will get if they achieve the right amount of credits), it was going to be about the student. Or in this case, me.


I had to gather some french sentences that described myself, including appearance, favourite subject, family, and some other stuff I forgot. I literally did the poster and design in two hours, going into midnight, gathering some information from the vinyl cover of "Modern Love" from David Bowie. You can read the sentences on the poster - I'll just add the translations at the bottom of the poster if you need some understanding.

Keep in mind, my spelling in French isn't the most accurate - I mean, I did do this task past midnight being all tired and groggy. And that applies to the English translation at the bottom - some of the phrases may not be translated accurately.



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