Monday, 31 October 2016

Monday 31st October - Today I Learned…

I woke up earlier than I thought I would this morning. 6:55am. I always had that opportunity to get up immediately, but always slept in. I got up and got ready after a long time lying on my bed, under the warmth of my blanket, because you know that feeling in the morning, right? Have you ever been in that experience where you feel like it’s too cold to get out of bed so you decide the stay in bed for a while before you force yourself out of bed, and then in the meantime contemplate some thoughts around some random stuff? If you haven’t, well…

We’ll just move on from that. I got ready and I was dropped off to school at a really good time. Not too early that I would wander around by myself for ten minutes before chatting with a friend, but not too late that I’m...late. There was a bit of time before I caught up with Royal (friend of mine) as we walked...around...for a...bit. Welp, I guess I WAS a bit too early. Heh. But, anyway, we talked about a few things, but knowing me, I knew I’d start a conversation but it would end without any follow up. It would basically look like this:
“ was your weekend?” I’d ask,
“Pretty cool. Kinda boring.” Royal replied.
“Oh.” I said.
“Cool and boring at the same time.” Royal added.
“Hmm.” I added more.
“Did some stuff in the weekend but other than that, it was a bit boring.” Royal explained.
“Oh, okay…” I added.
“How ‘bout yours?” Royal questioned me,
“Meh, it was alright.” I replied plainly,
“Oh, okay.” Royal replied.

That was it. But, then, again, that was probably the only “normal” conversation I ever had in the whole day, since there was something going on in Health. 9E was going to begin the last topic of the year for Health, and it was about Sexuality. Okay, that’s probably all I should about that, moving on. I mean, everything the class talked about in the classroom during that one hour should probably stay in the classroom, ya know.

Science. It was challenging with all the food webs and stuff going around, like where the animals should go and stuff. The task, really, is to sort out this food web that includes animals, and rearrange them to fit with their descriptions on the instruction sheet. I was struggling through the whole period, as I thought many thoughts filled with confusion, intuition, and curiosity. For example, “Why do some animals eat only one thing, but other animals eat more than one? That must mean that animals who eat more than one thing are...omnivores, right?”

I mean, it’s best to guess than to trail and fail.

Oh, by the way, I need to start doing this series again. The only time I was even close to doing a whole month of doing a post a day was in February. After that, I kinda gave up due to the workload back then, that has now settled...for now, at least, my work ethic is getting a little bit better at this stage, only stuff in English I need to catch up on. But, goodness crike, I need to continue with this daily blogpost series. And, do expect some more posts soon! But keep that expectation low for now, I’m just getting back into place for now. Especially since I told Tyson about this and he hasn’t stopped mentioning it ever since last Thursday. I mean, it’s weird if he reads this series because then he’ll read about what he’s done in my...perspective...


That really tells me something about how I portray my classmates in these posts. But, hey, y’know, it’s the truth, and nothing but the truth. Mostly.

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