Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday 22nd August - Today I Learned...

Hi, reader.

Doing a bit on what I learned today. I came a bit early to school (probably around 8:50am) and I saw a bus outside the school. From reading that, you might think it’s a school bus that came extraordinarily late, but, it was for this trip that some older students were going on. I didn’t know much about it, so I decided not to dwell on that. I walked to the place where I would usually stand around, and on the way I talked to two girls, one was a girl I already knew from the bus I took to get home, and the other was a girl I met while doing math work last minute with Daniel this one time. She was probably wondering about Royal and Salesi (names of two friends of mine that I usually hang out with, although I don’t know how to spell Salesi’s name) and if they were still arguing about this thing that happened on Friday while I was in the library and-oh, goodness crike, it’s a long story behind that, but I’ll tell you that story later (I probably won’t).

But, anyway, she asked me something like, “What happened with your friends?”

Well it was something like that, and if you took out the context of my two friends arguing, it would sound like a pretty sad question. But, I laughed at it. Justice (the other girl that I knew from the bus) pointed out the question and the removal of context, and I remembered what she was talking about.
“They made up.” I answered her question, and then half a second later I added, “Well, not like that, but like-”
“Oh, yeah, I know, I know.” Cat said (that’s her name, Cat...well, it’s not Cat but I call her that because it’s short for Catherine), followed by a laugh between the two of us. We then departed and Cat then defended her question and said “People say that to me all the time!”
“You deserve i-” I began, then quickly added “Nah, I’m kidding, I’m kidding…” to try and add humour to the end of our conversation.

Hopefully it was funny. Hopefully. Moving on. Some friends came over and I saw some guys kicking some rugby balls around and the bell rang for the first period. Health. For most of the period, the class did these posters about notes from what we learned so far for the topic (it’s Drugs and Alcohol, by the way). At this point in time, I learned about some things about what alcohol and smoking does to affect the human body. Both can kill if you do either long enough. So, if you drank more than thirty standard drinks, you will most likely die.

Or go into a coma.

And if you smoke a lot and there’s some long term effects to your organs. There are some positives to alcohol, though, if you’re being responsible, including a confidence boost and...something else that I forgot about (dang git), but if drinking responsibly, it can be a bit good, but having a bit more drinks and it starts to go a bit weary.

It’s no joke when you smoke.
You can’t think a lot when you drink a lot.

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