Who Wants to be a Hundredaire? - Algebra

Hi. This is a post from LONG ago that I forgot to blog about...
Just imagine that this was posted during school time...
Welcome back reader, to a post about Math. Algebra, to be specific. An interactive algebra game about algebraic expressions, to be more specific. The name of the title kinda reminded me of the post I did a few months ago called Who Wants to be a Dollarnaire? which was a game of which you would answer questions in order to win...well...one dollar...but the twist was, it was actually the Question Key, one of the keys of the Thinker's Keys, and boy, I had a good time making that.

Good times...

But, anyway, back to the actual subject at hand, heh, the objective of Who Wants to be a Hundredaire? was to answer questions of algebraic expressions, and I had to try to get through all of them without messing up. The prize...one hundred dollars....

I was determined...

I could do this! I was enjoying Algebra for a while, because I liked it the last time I did it...so what could go wrong?

Well I got it wrong.

But, I kept going! And on the sixth time playing it, I got it right! It was all the same questions, anyway, so I guess you can say I really learned from my mistakes. In the end, I learned how to recognize the algebraic expressions, and to carefully look at the description and compare it to a number, to see if it's a match. Here's some of the screenshots down below!


  1. Kia ora Willy,
    great to see you sharing about algebra. I like the way you have shown your learning journey - your persistence paid off. I think persistence as been key in my own maths learning. See what you think of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W1PU-nWhYg

    Mrs Krausse


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