Thursday, 7 July 2016

The First of June (Part 4)

We all stood up, and looked at her, as she told us the facts. Carlos and Nathanael were playing truant. I think that’s how you say it, I’m not so sure otherwise. She then asked Tyson if he knew where they were. I turned slowly and looked at him. Oh, my goodness. Of course, HE would’ve known where they were. As she gave a guess on a place in the school, Tyson said no. Until he said “Yes” to one place. My eyes opened slightly wider. After she left, we all sat down and continued to work. I won’t tell you part of what Tyson and I were talking about because, well, I feel like I shouldn’t. There are some things that I can choose to keep to myself, reader. And, if I bring it out in the open, it could create some difficulty if an authority reads this. Authority, as in, the school authority. But, goodness, me, there was Science about to happen, and while waiting outside the door, guess who came along…

These two girls, who this rude guy closed the door on. Rude. I opened the door to them, so they would get through, and then…

Carlos arrived. I felt fake anger building up in me. Our friendship was starting to fade away, because he and Nathanael had brought - as Ms. Scott described it - dishonour to 9E. I didn’t disagree with her. She had a point. So, I decided to hold the door on him. Nathanael came, too, by the way, following closely behind Carlos. All of a sudden, some classmates of 9E (mostly the guys) started yelling at them. Including me. “You’ve disgraced 9E!” I jokingly yelled at them, though showing an annoyed and stern face, followed by Sam yelling something similar.

9E were having a test for Science. Nathanael was a bit distracting. By “a bit”, I mean “very”. Remember how I described him as being like Christopher, reader? Yeah, that was a bit off, he was more like McKoy from 2015. Speaking of McKoy, I never knew he moved out of Auckland. I thought he was joking. Perhaps he wasn’t...anyway, getting back to the story...besides Nathanael’s episode of distraction towards the people near him, it was quiet. I was struggling with some of the questions, though. States of matter and particles was the hardest part of the whole of Science yet….

Until I heard footsteps thump through the hallway while figuring out the test.

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