Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The First of June (Part 2)

At least Carlos didn’t threate-well, actually, he kinda did. But, don’t worry, it was a joking kind of way. Well I think it was...

Anyway, a bit of a flashback to last Friday, I had said so many puns, Carlos jokingly ran out of the Art Room with no hesitation, with Caitlyn following close behind. Ohh, man, this shows that my puns are “getting better”.
Moving on, Morning Tea came in, and I was staying at the same place I would always go to. Math was coming up, and Nathanael wasn’t having any of it. “What do we got next?” he asked me,
“Urgh!” I exclaimed at him (he kinda deserved it), “It’s ‘have’ not ‘got’!”
“That’s what I said…” he replied as if he said.
I gave him a stern look. “Math.”
He gave me a surprised look. Not surprising to me, really. Like Carlos, he wasn’t that into Math, and I don’t blame him. You can see how I’ve talked about Math in the last few posts. But, still, you know, I try my best at Math, and I don’t...really...get...growled...as...much...but, anyway, Carlos came up to me a few minutes before the bell, and asked me if the roll was going to be taken during math.
“Probably not.” I replied, “I don’t know, really.” I said more, but he was gone after hearing me.

The bell rang, and I walked to Math. Everyone came into class, and as I sat down, reached into my bag, got out my Maths book, placed my hand into my jumper, to reach into my shirt pocket, I grabbed my multi-coloured pen, and began answering the warm up math questions, exercising my brain (ha), and after probably ten minutes, I turned to my right…

I noticed that Carlos wasn’t with me. I turned around and scanned the classroom. No...he wasn’t there. I then looked at where Nathanael would sit and…

Oh, goodness crike, he wasn’t there…

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