Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I Am David Activity - Letter to Mother...

Hi, reader.

It's been a bit and a while since I blogged about I Am David. It was the book that 9E read during Term Two. Written by Anne Holm, it was about a boy named David who escaped a concentration camp (or a labour camp, or a prison camp) and travelled through different places and lands (and people that he met) to Denmark to find his mother. I've got to say, the ending was sweet. But, anyway, I've realised that with this book and the activities that followed after finishing the book, that I should blog these activities!

I mean, come on, reader, I'm in college now. It's not like they do blogging over there, like Tamaki Primary. But, I'm used to it now. Sort of. BUT ANYWAY, MOVING ON, this is one of the activities related to the book. I was to pretend I was David, and describe one event to David's mother. Click the image below to view my finished piece. It was originally written in my book, so I copied it into a document.

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