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HOSTAGE - Chapters 5-11

Hi, reader. I'm continuing my read of "Hostage" by Karen Tayleur, retelling the story chapter by chapter. By

Chapter Five, now, and in the interview room, Laney tried to smoke a cigarette. But, she wasn’t allowed. It’s then revealed that Laney was supposed to quit smoking after her mother died of lung cancer. Pretty dark. There was some mention of a photo Tully saw of her aunt and mother standing on each side of a man, whose face was apparently cut off. I read on to Chapter Five, where it was back to Tully in the car. It felt like a movie. The guy was banging on the steering wheel. Tully gently pleads to the driver to let her go. Didn’t work. She tried to yell from the car to get attention from a police car driving the opposite way. Didn’t work. She tried to make it look like the driver was going to drop her off somewhere. Didn’t work. She tried banging on the window for help. Didn’t work. Nothing was working.

Chapter Seven, and Griffin Sorenson is mentioned during the interview. Turned out that he was the guy that took Tully. He was a guy that Tully only saw occasionally - she hardly knew him, but saw him at moments of times that are later revealed in the story. It’s then suggested that she mention “him” as Griffin. Chapter Eight, and us, the readers, are back in the car. Tully started to criticize the driver (or “him”, or “Griffin) about the abduction, as she thought that he had no idea where he was going. She then thought about what sort of weapon she could use to try and hurt the driver (just a note, reader, she didn’t know it was Griffin that was driving at this point due to the fact that she hardly knew him). A gum wrapper, a plastic bottle and coins wouldn’t really help. As they headed for the freeway, Tully suddenly felt the urge to pee. He reached for the plastic bottle and asked her if she could aim. Tully asked if he could take her home, and this then changed the subject into her and her mother moving places. Leaving things and people behind when she was little...oh, the sadness began.

Chapter Nine came about and it was back to the interview, where one of the officers asked Tully if she had friends at the time, and if she knew Helene (or Ms Bukor as they called her). The short chapter ended in Tully asking for the bathroom. Chapter Ten talked about...well...toilets? More specifically, the gym changing rooms in her school. Tully talked about how gossip, secret meetings, and celebrations occurred in the girls’ gym changing rooms. There was this one girl, the name Tully forgot (either Ravel, Ramel, or Camel), who talked to Tully and “uninvited” her to this party that was to happen later on. Chapter Eleven was where Nathan was introduced, when he picked up Tully. Turned out that Tully skipped class and stayed in the changing room. They talked about stuff as they reached the park, where they spraypainted in the skate ramp tunnel. As they spraypainted stuff, they heard someone come nearby. Panicked, they froze…

It was Griffin. Little known fact about him: he and Nathan were close friends back in the day.

And he had an acne problem.


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