Friday, 15 July 2016

HOSTAGE - Chapters 1-4

Hi, reader.

It started out with a girl named Tully in an interview room at 1:06am, Christmas Day. With a few constables and officers coming in, so does her aunt, Laney. By the sounds of it, Tully doesn’t really like it. Chapter Two then came and this was where Tully talked about her life...well, those are the words I can describe it, really. From Chapter Two I learned that Tully:

  • Lived with her aunt (Laney) and grandfather (Bamps)
  • Liked to go down Smith’s Street
  • Sometimes went down to Smith’s Street just to watch people go by doing their business in Smith’s Street: the shufflers, bargain-hunters, the dark-skinned high-rise dwellers...Tully thought that the road had it all
  • Went down to Loserville Chemist sometimes (she called it that because she thought ex-druggies went there for treatments and stuff...pretty weird stuff, I know)
  • Didn’t like one of the chemist people, named Helene.

We go back to the interview room during Chapter Three, where Tully was about the start off her story. Just a note for future chapters, Tully is telling the officers the story, AS I relay what I’ve read to you. So as one part of her story finishes, we go back to the interview room where the officers and constables question her about the details of the story. So, Chapter Four...this is where it began…

Tully and her aunt exchanged insults to each other before Tully decided to go to the chemist. It was Christmas Eve (if you look at the time and date, reader, it would mean that whatever happened later on in this chapter happened “yesterday”, as in, on Christmas Eve, since the interview took place on Christmas Day, technically...) and while waiting in line to get her grandfather’s prescription, a guy approached the counter with a script and after giving it to Helene, gets told that she can’t process it because it’s overdue, by the sounds of it. Tully noticed a black mark left by the guy because of his trainers. The guy swore at Helene and demanded his script to be processed. Helene refused. Then, as Tully described it, from the corner of her eye, the guy jumped over the counter. She couldn’t really see what happened because she was focused on the black mark. Helene screamed (well, Tully thought it was her), and it seemed like someone tried to get the young guy down from the counter, but ultimately failed. Then…

Tully felt the young guy grab her. It happened so fast. So quick. One minute she was outside the chemist, the next minute, she was in the car, and the guy drove off.

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