Thursday, 21 July 2016

Bus 758

Hi, reader.

This is a post about my assignment (I think it was an assignment) for English. It was Creative Writing. It was the first time I'd done something like this in a LONG time.

9E had to pick a place or a sight and describe the experience of being in that place/sight. There were different sights like a playground, a group onstage at Polyfest, uhh...some other places that I forgot - but I chose the bus setting. You know, like a bus...

A bus. When we chose our setting/place/sight, we then had to plan two scenarios. One scenario would be about one description of what was going on in that place. So, for example, in the bus scene, I had to describe what was happening around me - what I could see, feel, smell,'s my piece of writing...

Just before you read it, I got an excellence from this!

7:58am on a Tuesday morning. The sunlight coming from the morning sun filled the bus with a yellowish glow. Students came rushing in. I slowly walked in, hearing the almost perfect pattern of coins being given to the bus driver and the beeping of the AT Hop card reader. I marched with everyone as they navigated through the straight aisle to their seats of the same design, coloured with patterns of neutral colours and shapes. The smell of a fridge filled my nostrils. Dust flew as they made impact with the seat. I sat down, and decided to take a glance at the different personalities of the bus. My eyes scanned over to a Year 11 student. I was envious of his neat and tidy school shirt comforting him, compared to my wrinkled school shirt. His eyes and mouth were drooped, and his body was limp, no movement. His hair was all styled up with wax, sunshine reflecting off it. The bus began to vibrate. It felt like an earthquake from where I was sitting. Girls sitting near the end of the bus scattered their thoughts around as they laugh and snigger. One looked at me with a quick glare, their facial expression frozen. I turned back, facing the sunlight. A few seconds passed, and I turned back around. Expletives shared upon many students on the bus filled my ears, as I checked my watch. Reflections of the sunshine sparkle in my eyes.

7:58pm on a Thursday evening. The bus was a freezer. I couldn't recognize the smell, or even connect the smell to any other environment I had been in, but it smelt like it felt. Cold. Rain droplets dropped and flew onto the bus windows as I sat there, looking outside. Just as the bus was moving smoothly through the streets of Panmure, it suddenly stopped, and I jolted, almost hitting the seat in front of me. The doors opened, sending a cold breeze to first the bus driver, then walking its way through the bus aisle, giving everyone a chill. An elderly man, with his hair having a bald patch all shiny and wet, slowly wandered through the doors. His lips showed an obvious frown, and his eyes were beady, gleaming and staring at anything he laid his eyes on. Short and loud thumps on the ground came from his leather shoes, loud enough for everyone to hear. His scent was strong, like a wet dog. I knew he meant business. He passed by, with a mumble and a grumble. I felt uncomfortable just from looking around the bus, seeing lights flickering on and off.

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