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Now that I finished the book, I can continue to relay the events to you in future posts about Hostage, reader.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Bus 758

Hi, reader.

This is a post about my assignment (I think it was an assignment) for English. It was Creative Writing. It was the first time I'd done something like this in a LONG time.

9E had to pick a place or a sight and describe the experience of being in that place/sight. There were different sights like a playground, a group onstage at Polyfest, uhh...some other places that I forgot - but I chose the bus setting. You know, like a bus...

A bus. When we chose our setting/place/sight, we then had to plan two scenarios. One scenario would be about one description of what was going on in that place. So, for example, in the bus scene, I had to describe what was happening around me - what I could see, feel, smell,'s my piece of writing...

Just before you read it, I got an excellence from this!

7:58am on a Tuesday morning. The sunlight coming from the morning sun filled the bus with a yellowish glow. Students came rushing in. I slowly walked in, hearing the almost perfect pattern of coins being given to the bus driver and the beeping of the AT Hop card reader. I marched with everyone as they navigated through the straight aisle to their seats of the same design, coloured with patterns of neutral colours and shapes. The smell of a fridge filled my nostrils. Dust flew as they made impact with the seat. I sat down, and decided to take a glance at the different personalities of the bus. My eyes scanned over to a Year 11 student. I was envious of his neat and tidy school shirt comforting him, compared to my wrinkled school shirt. His eyes and mouth were drooped, and his body was limp, no movement. His hair was all styled up with wax, sunshine reflecting off it. The bus began to vibrate. It felt like an earthquake from where I was sitting. Girls sitting near the end of the bus scattered their thoughts around as they laugh and snigger. One looked at me with a quick glare, their facial expression frozen. I turned back, facing the sunlight. A few seconds passed, and I turned back around. Expletives shared upon many students on the bus filled my ears, as I checked my watch. Reflections of the sunshine sparkle in my eyes.

7:58pm on a Thursday evening. The bus was a freezer. I couldn't recognize the smell, or even connect the smell to any other environment I had been in, but it smelt like it felt. Cold. Rain droplets dropped and flew onto the bus windows as I sat there, looking outside. Just as the bus was moving smoothly through the streets of Panmure, it suddenly stopped, and I jolted, almost hitting the seat in front of me. The doors opened, sending a cold breeze to first the bus driver, then walking its way through the bus aisle, giving everyone a chill. An elderly man, with his hair having a bald patch all shiny and wet, slowly wandered through the doors. His lips showed an obvious frown, and his eyes were beady, gleaming and staring at anything he laid his eyes on. Short and loud thumps on the ground came from his leather shoes, loud enough for everyone to hear. His scent was strong, like a wet dog. I knew he meant business. He passed by, with a mumble and a grumble. I felt uncomfortable just from looking around the bus, seeing lights flickering on and off.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I Am David Activity - Letter to Mother...

Hi, reader.

It's been a bit and a while since I blogged about I Am David. It was the book that 9E read during Term Two. Written by Anne Holm, it was about a boy named David who escaped a concentration camp (or a labour camp, or a prison camp) and travelled through different places and lands (and people that he met) to Denmark to find his mother. I've got to say, the ending was sweet. But, anyway, I've realised that with this book and the activities that followed after finishing the book, that I should blog these activities!

I mean, come on, reader, I'm in college now. It's not like they do blogging over there, like Tamaki Primary. But, I'm used to it now. Sort of. BUT ANYWAY, MOVING ON, this is one of the activities related to the book. I was to pretend I was David, and describe one event to David's mother. Click the image below to view my finished piece. It was originally written in my book, so I copied it into a document.

Top 5! I am David Events...

Hi, there, reader.

This is another task related to the book I am David. It's another Top 5! in the style of a presentation. Top 5 events in I am David - in my persepctive. But, I realized halfway through making this presentation that some of you might not have read the book! So, I figured, why not change the perspective?

Anyway, if you haven't read the book yet, reader, this presentation below will tell you some events that happen in the book. There we go! These events aren't in order (obviously, it's a Top 5!) but they're from the book, giving you a taste of I am David by Anne Holm. This task was originally from my English book, which I've transformed into a presentation.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Blog Commenting: Winter Learning Journey Edition #3

Hi, again, reader.

I'm back at it again with another Blog Commenting presentation. I've got to say, I've never commented so much! I've also never read so many posts from different students from different schools, I mean, wow! I'm pretty proud of this! The full explanation's on my first presentation of these series, which you can find in the archive on your right.

Wednesday 13th April - Year Nine Physical Competition (I don't know the actual name)

Hi, reader. This is another post that I didn't publish from a long time ago, because it was never finished. Now it is. Enjoy reading...
The following happened in the last period of the day, between 2:30pm and 3:20pm.

I changed into my P.E gear as I walked onto the field. This field wasn't the same field I talked about in the last post with the Peer Support Leaders, but it was that one part of the field where I thought the bubbleball soccer activity was being held, but ended up being the area where a rugby (or rugby league) game was beginning. All the other Year Nine classes (like 9D, 9E, 9W, and the other classes which I didn't bother remembering) were changing into their P.E gear, and beginning to sit in their classes. 9E wasn't in one class, it was more spread out. I tried gathering everyone in 9E to sit where I wanted them to, but, you know, I didn't want to do that again.

It might make me a bit pretentious. Or something like that.

But, moving on. We all sat together after a few minutes, and this guy started to talk, with the Peer Support Leaders behind him. This felt like Athletics Day. But, I looked around and saw obstacles. At least I wasn't JUST running. Actually, I was thinking about not participating, because, you know, my heart...thing...I don't call it a problem, because, well, it's not a problem until it actually becomes a problem...

ANYWAY, after the guy talked about the rules and such about what was happening for each obstacle, we all went off. I was already confused on something. Everyone (well, probably everyone) brought their bags to the field. Were we supposed to take them with us to each obstacle? I was confused, carrying my bag back and forth. It was decided that I just leave it there. Onto the first obstacle, now, and I realize that I was going to run. A lot. But, I was sure I could handle it, I need to run at least once every other day, right? So, I started off. Going through the flags (or whatever they're called), diving under one balance beam, jumping over another balance beam, walking (or just running) on top of a board, then going under the first net (there were two), and I started to realize...

I should've asked if I could sit out. But, nooo.....I had to go under this net, and the two Peer Support Leaders don't know that-
"I have a heart syndrome!" I yelled out while almost getting through, "Can I just cheat?"
"No, you gotta keep going!" a Peer Support Leader yelled back. Well, something along those lines they said that. So, to their encouragement, I continued on, and grabbed an ammo box (when I first heard that I thought someone brought a gun to school, because, you know, the word "ammo") and attempted to go under another net, but, an angel was right there at the right time. She told me to just crawl over it. I just ran off. Running back to the line, I was puffing. Lying on the ground. Looking at the sky. The next turn was going to kill me.

Then, regrettably, I had another turn.

The signal rang. Everyone went to the next activity. Or, as I call it, obstacle course. It was at one of the two rugby posts, and everyone had to lie down. What a relief. After just running my heart out, I could let my heart beat slowly, as I look at the partly cloudy sky. Denzel's lying down on the other side of the rugby post. I forgot to mention this, but 9D were our opposition, and they were going pretty slow for their, wasn't a line per se, because you were lying down, and the person who lied down first would have to run to the front to lie down, and you would have to do this until you reached somewhere. I was the first person to lie down (unsurprising, since I wanted to lie, right?) so I ran to the front, and laid down.

Skip a minute of people running to the front to lie down and yes! 9E were in the lead and we all rushed from the down on the ground to behind some cones, but it was bittersweet....Sam was hurt. I don't have any information - especially to this day - about how he got hurt. He was in pain. Real pain. From the looks of it, I only knew that it was his arm. Or hand. Or wrist. Somewhere inbetween the shoulder and the hand, something wasn't right. An impromptu sling was made from his shirt (which was actually really, really, REALLY smart!!) and he walked off. The only thought on my mind before I ran through another course was that...that impromptu sling looked so smart! Whoever thought of that must be beyond smart! I had never seen that before!

Gosh...but moving on with running, I sprinted to a cylindrical rugby tackle bag that was lying horizontally on the ground, leaped over it, kept running, leaped over another one, and ran back to everyone else. I don't know who won this activity but I'll just say 9E....yeah, I'll just assume we won. I mean it was worth the trouble. The signal rang for the next activity. It was tug of war. With 9...W? I think it was 9W...well it was the class Stanley and Lolo were in, I knew that for sure.

It was hard. First round - we lost. Second round - we lost. Third round - we won I think...

Or we lost. I forgot. After the tug of war, we moved onto...well...I think that was it, the next and final part of the whole thing was the big red ball challenge thing. I don't know what it's called, but I know there was a big red ball. It was pretty big, and can I put this...hard to hit easily. My arm was aching for a few minutes after I tried hitting the red ball the other way. To make things short, every Year Nine class had to bounce the big red ball in the air as many times as possible in a minute. If they dropped the ball, that would be it. 9E did sorta well...

The sky looked nice, by the way. Just putting it out there. The way the clouds were, as the sun shone on us...ahh, it felt good. Then all of a sudden, the Year Nines were playing volleyball with the big red ball. I was both confused and shocked at how quickly everyone went to the two sides. 9E and 9D vs the other year nine classes...boy, it was flying everywhere. They were cheating, haha, and it was all so weird from there. They also went through the cone that bordered us and them, and I was getting frustrated. This then lead me to make somewhat a good catchphrase for the rest of the game:

"Behind the cone!"

Ahh, never been prouder of yelling instructions during sport. Really gets the blood moving and the heart pumpin', y'know?

Monday, 18 July 2016

Who Wants to be a Hundredaire? - Algebra

Hi. This is a post from LONG ago that I forgot to blog about...
Just imagine that this was posted during school time...
Welcome back reader, to a post about Math. Algebra, to be specific. An interactive algebra game about algebraic expressions, to be more specific. The name of the title kinda reminded me of the post I did a few months ago called Who Wants to be a Dollarnaire? which was a game of which you would answer questions in order to dollar...but the twist was, it was actually the Question Key, one of the keys of the Thinker's Keys, and boy, I had a good time making that.

Good times...

But, anyway, back to the actual subject at hand, heh, the objective of Who Wants to be a Hundredaire? was to answer questions of algebraic expressions, and I had to try to get through all of them without messing up. The hundred dollars....

I was determined...

I could do this! I was enjoying Algebra for a while, because I liked it the last time I did what could go wrong?

Well I got it wrong.

But, I kept going! And on the sixth time playing it, I got it right! It was all the same questions, anyway, so I guess you can say I really learned from my mistakes. In the end, I learned how to recognize the algebraic expressions, and to carefully look at the description and compare it to a number, to see if it's a match. Here's some of the screenshots down below!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Blog Commenting: Winter Learning Journey Edition #2

Hi, reader. Willy here. This is the second presentation of blog comments I left on other student's blogs (from other schools) as they complete the Winter Learning Journey. Full story on the first post, but enjoy this presentation! I don't really have much to say, really. I said everything I needed to say on the first one, so if you haven't read it yet, it's best to read that first to get the full idea. Leave comments below to give me feedback and feedforward so I know what to work on. Thanks!

HOSTAGE - Chapters 5-11

Hi, reader. I'm continuing my read of "Hostage" by Karen Tayleur, retelling the story chapter by chapter. By

Chapter Five, now, and in the interview room, Laney tried to smoke a cigarette. But, she wasn’t allowed. It’s then revealed that Laney was supposed to quit smoking after her mother died of lung cancer. Pretty dark. There was some mention of a photo Tully saw of her aunt and mother standing on each side of a man, whose face was apparently cut off. I read on to Chapter Five, where it was back to Tully in the car. It felt like a movie. The guy was banging on the steering wheel. Tully gently pleads to the driver to let her go. Didn’t work. She tried to yell from the car to get attention from a police car driving the opposite way. Didn’t work. She tried to make it look like the driver was going to drop her off somewhere. Didn’t work. She tried banging on the window for help. Didn’t work. Nothing was working.

Chapter Seven, and Griffin Sorenson is mentioned during the interview. Turned out that he was the guy that took Tully. He was a guy that Tully only saw occasionally - she hardly knew him, but saw him at moments of times that are later revealed in the story. It’s then suggested that she mention “him” as Griffin. Chapter Eight, and us, the readers, are back in the car. Tully started to criticize the driver (or “him”, or “Griffin) about the abduction, as she thought that he had no idea where he was going. She then thought about what sort of weapon she could use to try and hurt the driver (just a note, reader, she didn’t know it was Griffin that was driving at this point due to the fact that she hardly knew him). A gum wrapper, a plastic bottle and coins wouldn’t really help. As they headed for the freeway, Tully suddenly felt the urge to pee. He reached for the plastic bottle and asked her if she could aim. Tully asked if he could take her home, and this then changed the subject into her and her mother moving places. Leaving things and people behind when she was little...oh, the sadness began.

Chapter Nine came about and it was back to the interview, where one of the officers asked Tully if she had friends at the time, and if she knew Helene (or Ms Bukor as they called her). The short chapter ended in Tully asking for the bathroom. Chapter Ten talked about...well...toilets? More specifically, the gym changing rooms in her school. Tully talked about how gossip, secret meetings, and celebrations occurred in the girls’ gym changing rooms. There was this one girl, the name Tully forgot (either Ravel, Ramel, or Camel), who talked to Tully and “uninvited” her to this party that was to happen later on. Chapter Eleven was where Nathan was introduced, when he picked up Tully. Turned out that Tully skipped class and stayed in the changing room. They talked about stuff as they reached the park, where they spraypainted in the skate ramp tunnel. As they spraypainted stuff, they heard someone come nearby. Panicked, they froze…

It was Griffin. Little known fact about him: he and Nathan were close friends back in the day.

And he had an acne problem.


To read the previous posts on "Hostage", click here.

Friday, 15 July 2016

HOSTAGE - Chapters 1-4

Hi, reader.

It started out with a girl named Tully in an interview room at 1:06am, Christmas Day. With a few constables and officers coming in, so does her aunt, Laney. By the sounds of it, Tully doesn’t really like it. Chapter Two then came and this was where Tully talked about her life...well, those are the words I can describe it, really. From Chapter Two I learned that Tully:

  • Lived with her aunt (Laney) and grandfather (Bamps)
  • Liked to go down Smith’s Street
  • Sometimes went down to Smith’s Street just to watch people go by doing their business in Smith’s Street: the shufflers, bargain-hunters, the dark-skinned high-rise dwellers...Tully thought that the road had it all
  • Went down to Loserville Chemist sometimes (she called it that because she thought ex-druggies went there for treatments and stuff...pretty weird stuff, I know)
  • Didn’t like one of the chemist people, named Helene.

We go back to the interview room during Chapter Three, where Tully was about the start off her story. Just a note for future chapters, Tully is telling the officers the story, AS I relay what I’ve read to you. So as one part of her story finishes, we go back to the interview room where the officers and constables question her about the details of the story. So, Chapter Four...this is where it began…

Tully and her aunt exchanged insults to each other before Tully decided to go to the chemist. It was Christmas Eve (if you look at the time and date, reader, it would mean that whatever happened later on in this chapter happened “yesterday”, as in, on Christmas Eve, since the interview took place on Christmas Day, technically...) and while waiting in line to get her grandfather’s prescription, a guy approached the counter with a script and after giving it to Helene, gets told that she can’t process it because it’s overdue, by the sounds of it. Tully noticed a black mark left by the guy because of his trainers. The guy swore at Helene and demanded his script to be processed. Helene refused. Then, as Tully described it, from the corner of her eye, the guy jumped over the counter. She couldn’t really see what happened because she was focused on the black mark. Helene screamed (well, Tully thought it was her), and it seemed like someone tried to get the young guy down from the counter, but ultimately failed. Then…

Tully felt the young guy grab her. It happened so fast. So quick. One minute she was outside the chemist, the next minute, she was in the car, and the guy drove off.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Blog Commenting: Winter Learning Journey Edition #1

From late December 2015 to late January 2016, I participated in the Sumer Learning Journey, where the activities were about a destination in which I chose Germany. The bloggers involved got to explore the different cultures from their destination country and got to post activities they completed related to their destination. I won first place for blogging in Tamaki Primary...quite weird because it looked like I was the only one from the school blogging so I probably won like that...but I'm saying that in a good way! I still came first!

Skip a few months later and I received an email from Ms. Williamson (or Rachel) offering me a place as one of the commenters for the Winter Learning Journey. But first, before I continue on with this story, let me tell you something, reader...

A guy named Iisa had also been given the offer. I just wanted to point out that I actually met this guy last year at the Manaiakalani Ambassador presentation meetings! Hooow weeiiird, am I right? This is almost as weird as that time where my comment on someone's blog was screenshot and placed in someone's presentation, who was also another school ambassador at the Manaiakalani Hui! Ahh, goodness, those were good times...

But, anyway, I need to get to the point. I'm one of the commenters for the Winter Learning Journey! How exciting is that?? :D

But, you know...commenting on other people's blogs...everytime I did that, I'd also complete a task about it. A presentation on making comments on other student's blogs...sooo, why not do it like this! It'll be good for more posts (because since I'm out of Tamaki Primary and in college now it's hard to make posts about learning when everything's going different places), I know'll also mean I can show you what I'm commenting on! So here we go, reader! The first presentation on Blogging Commenting: Winter Learning Journey Edition!

You might need to go full screen if you need to read anything. The font's quite small in some screenshots...

NOTE: This is also my 1200th post! I forgot to mention that! Yay!


Hi, reader!

This post is going to be about a little assignment I completed for my French class. It was to make a 'Missing Animal' poster in French. My French class had just learned about animals and basic descriptions, like colours and eyes and other stuff. I can't remember much because this was done a while ago, and I'm only posting this now because of, well, you know, college work, and there's a lot of it taking up time. But, anyway, click the screenshot below to access the poster. The first page will be in French, and the second page will have the translate version for your pleasure.

A New Challenge...

Hi, reader.

I've decided to go on a new reading journey these school holidays. This will totally be helpful for whenever I have a new reading response due, so then, that way, I actually have a book, in which I have read! Properly!

Just over a year ago, I challenged myself during some school holidays to read one of my Duffy books "Canterbury Quake" by Desna Wallace. Since then, it has been my favourite book. There were some moments that were pretty much a tear-jerker; it really made me pretty sympathetic towards the main character, having gone through the earthquakes and aftershocks in Christchurch between 2010-2011. Now I'm focusing on "Hostage" by Karen Tayleur, written in 2009, based in 2009 Christmas Day, after a girl is taken hostage by a guy after a disagreement at a chemist.

I'm going to attempt to read the whole book, while also posting out chapters of what happens in the book. It's a Thriller, so it'll be a thrill to read! Haha, oh, goodie, this is going to be good. Well, hopefully it goes well, in the posts, because the chapters' lengths vary on where the main character is...but anyway, I'll be continuing to post about this from tomorrow.

I hope to finish this by the time school starts...but I won't stop reading unless it takes me...uhh...TEN years! Yes, reader...ten years.

Just look at the due date at the bottom! I'll be fine!

Haha, thanks for reading!

Friday, 8 July 2016

The First of June (Final)

I turned around and, well, it’s none other than Ms. Scott, who collected Carlos and Nathanael. Oooooh. This went for a dark turn - not that they got caught for being truants, but because they became truants in the first place.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The First of June (Part 4)

We all stood up, and looked at her, as she told us the facts. Carlos and Nathanael were playing truant. I think that’s how you say it, I’m not so sure otherwise. She then asked Tyson if he knew where they were. I turned slowly and looked at him. Oh, my goodness. Of course, HE would’ve known where they were. As she gave a guess on a place in the school, Tyson said no. Until he said “Yes” to one place. My eyes opened slightly wider. After she left, we all sat down and continued to work. I won’t tell you part of what Tyson and I were talking about because, well, I feel like I shouldn’t. There are some things that I can choose to keep to myself, reader. And, if I bring it out in the open, it could create some difficulty if an authority reads this. Authority, as in, the school authority. But, goodness, me, there was Science about to happen, and while waiting outside the door, guess who came along…

These two girls, who this rude guy closed the door on. Rude. I opened the door to them, so they would get through, and then…

Carlos arrived. I felt fake anger building up in me. Our friendship was starting to fade away, because he and Nathanael had brought - as Ms. Scott described it - dishonour to 9E. I didn’t disagree with her. She had a point. So, I decided to hold the door on him. Nathanael came, too, by the way, following closely behind Carlos. All of a sudden, some classmates of 9E (mostly the guys) started yelling at them. Including me. “You’ve disgraced 9E!” I jokingly yelled at them, though showing an annoyed and stern face, followed by Sam yelling something similar.

9E were having a test for Science. Nathanael was a bit distracting. By “a bit”, I mean “very”. Remember how I described him as being like Christopher, reader? Yeah, that was a bit off, he was more like McKoy from 2015. Speaking of McKoy, I never knew he moved out of Auckland. I thought he was joking. Perhaps he wasn’t...anyway, getting back to the story...besides Nathanael’s episode of distraction towards the people near him, it was quiet. I was struggling with some of the questions, though. States of matter and particles was the hardest part of the whole of Science yet….

Until I heard footsteps thump through the hallway while figuring out the test.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The First of June (Part 3)

Where were they? I started getting worried, and others started to wonder the same thing. “Where’s Carlos?” Eric asked from his desk, who was just two desks across from where Carlos sat,
“I don’t know…” I said in a cracking voice, placing my hand on his desk. I laughed it off, along with Eric, and I continued to fill out the questions. Tyson, who was sitting by himself - because Cezar wasn’t here - came to sit next to me. “What...what are you doing here!?” I whisper-yelled at him, “This is Carlos’ seat!”
“I don’t like sitting by myself!” Tyson whisper-yelled at me back,
“Well I’m sitting by myself, and I’m bothered by it!” I replied with the same tone,
“Well that’s because, you’re used to it.” Tyson joked, and we both laughed quietly as we filled in the final questions.

Skip a whole lot of talking and a lesson on something from Algebra, which was about ‘like terms’, which is when you see two terms that have the know, “design” or something...for example, “2xy” would be the same as “4xy”, but not the same as “4xy2”. While filling out some of the worksheet that would later be homework, the door started to open...could this be Carlos and Nathanael? Or any of them, walking through the door?


It was Ms. Scott, the Year Nine Dean.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The First of June (Part 2)

At least Carlos didn’t threate-well, actually, he kinda did. But, don’t worry, it was a joking kind of way. Well I think it was...

Anyway, a bit of a flashback to last Friday, I had said so many puns, Carlos jokingly ran out of the Art Room with no hesitation, with Caitlyn following close behind. Ohh, man, this shows that my puns are “getting better”.

Monday, 4 July 2016

The First of June (Part 1)

I was cold. The morning was cold. I could see my breath when I blew into the air. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Into the school, and everyone else felt the breeze coming through. It was almost like a rainy day, except without the rain...