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Monday 30th May - Today I Learned...

Monday started off pretty well. Health was first, as it always is on a Monday. The class was going to talk about bullying. Actually, the differences between being rude, being mean, and being a bully. Being rude is probably not intending on doing it, whereas being mean is probably someone intending on meaning, well, mean to someone. But, the difference between being mean and being a bully was that it was to the same person, and it was repetitive, also.

Science. Before I move on, let me introduce Mr. Gordon, another Science teacher. Ms. Quigley had to do some other stuff for another class for an “internal” and so 9E had Mr. Gordon. He talked about the new thing we’re all focusing on - Forces. Force, from what  wrote down in my book, is pushing or pulling of an object. There are contact forces (forces that touch an object to move) and non-contact forces (forces that don’t touch an object yet causes an object to move). We then distorted some sponges which was compared to force - the force of our fingers pushed into the sponge would change the shape/form.

After Morning Tea, which I’ll skip for the sake of time and typing of stuff right as I type this down, there was English. I Am David. If you’re not familiar with this book, I’ll be posting something about it and the important events in the story. But, that’s for later. Eric, Sam, and I sorted out the Top 5 key events in I Am David, and then ranked the Top 5 important events from 1 as the most important and 5 the “least” important. Not least per se, but out of the 5. I’m going to move on before I end up rambling about the important events.

Music was next. There were still some people getting tested for their guitar playing assessment. During that time, the students who had already gone through their test had to finish anything they hadn’t finished in their music workbook. I should mention, right now, that I got an excellence for guitar playing last Thursday. I’m saying that as though I’m saying this on the 30th, not the actual time you’re reading this. But, while Mr. Holmes was in the little room testing the rest of the class, this happened.

I was continuing on some work about the orchestra and its instruments, when, all of a sudden, Carlos, who was sitting next to me, had risen from his seat to talk to someone at the near back of the room. I was confused at first, because, well, I didn’t want him to get off task (I failed at that, he later did get off task), but then, when he was out of his seat, this girl by the name of Kahu (well, that’s the spelling of how I pronounce her name, otherwise, I don’t know how to spell her name) sat on his seat, and we started talking to each other. She was new to 9D (she had moved up from another class), and I was lightly teasing her, just like she was with me, but don’t worry, everyone does that sort of thing to make a laugh out of it.

When Carlos came back, however, he noticed that Kahu was sitting in his seat, then looked at me, You see, reader, we accidentally made a great friendship between the two of us (thanks to Daniel, it’s a long story, I won’t talk about it), and the sight of a girl next to me, on his seat, was going to make him jokingly take his things and move to another classmate, who was Cailib (I mentioned him before briefly in an earlier Today I Learned). “What?! No!!” I protested. He still walked off. I was in disbelief, and the bond between me and Kahu broke (not really, but I acted that it did, because the friendship was strong…). Fake tears came to mind. Fake tears came into effect. When Carlos came back the second time around, it began a heated argument…some dialogue may not be accurate to the actual event...also, I excluded laughing out of the following to add effect. I don’t know what the effect is, but moving on...
“Why HIM?!” I protested,
“I’m sick of it, Willy!” Carlos yelled (not really yelled, but spoke loudly), “I’m sick of your stuff!”
“What?!” I yelled (again, not really yelled, but it felt like yelling) back, “What does he have that don’t, huh?!”
“He can run!” Carlos stated.
I gasped loudly. “I have a heart condition!” I reminded him, putting on a fake angry face,
“He doesn’t say puns all the time!” Carlos yelled back, “I’m sick of your stuff, Willy!”
I don’t know if he said that, reader, but I’ll add that in there because I feel like he said that. “I’ve helped you so much with your work, you know that!” I argued back,
“Well, you know, Cailib and I do stuff together!” Carlos said back, “And he’s not bothered with how I am!”
“I let you work with me!” I yelled back at him, “And I enjoyed every minute of it!”

Reader, just to point out, the last four pieces of dialogue was altered entirely. Just thought you should know.

At this point, Mr. Holmes entered back into the classroom, and everything was normal. All was quiet. No heated argument. When Mr. Holmes went back into the little room with the next pack of people, Carlos “stormed” off to his “new” seat, leaving me to “sob” in front of Kahu, who heard everything. “This is all thanks to YOU!!” I said in my crying voice (I wasn’t crying, by the way, it was all fake),
“What?!” she protested my accusation, “HE decided to move off!”
“Yeah, now he’s not coming back now, isn’t he?!” I “yelled” back at her, and I turned around to Cailib, who probably didn’t see what happened between Carlos and I. “Fight me, hatter!” I jokingly said to him. Of course he knew it was a joke - even though he said “Okay.” - but I stopped it there. That was enough fooling around for one day. Oh, by the way, I did finish a lot of the work, thanks to Kahu, surprisingly. Well, she pointed at one instrument and said, “That’s obviously a guitar….” when actually it was a ukulele! Haha, what a schoolboy error. Or schoolgirl error, considering she’s a...well, girl...

Anyways, what a greeat story to tell, am I right, reader?

Oh, and Math was good. Haha, such a simple sentence. But, really, it was going well.

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