Thursday, 12 May 2016

Wednesday 4th May - Part Two - Today I Learned...

That rainbows are cool...

I gave him my netbook. I wasn’t planning on using it, but still, though, I gave it. I mean, I’ve known Cavhyon ever since 2011, I knew he wouldn’t lose or break or accidentally break the netbook. Though, it was a bit risky. It’s not Tamaki Primary anymore, is it? Everyone’s more...informal, if I can call it that, now that we’re in college. But, getting back to what was happening. This guy I knew (sadly) practically yelled, in a library, at me and Cavhyon to get out. Well, this is pleasant. I’m not proud to say I know him, but that’s a part of life, right? There’s always that little group of people you don’t want to admit you know them but you do anyway. I’m not the only one that thinks this, obviously not. He’s just a bit...pretentious, that’s all. He said probably one sentence about his laptop being bigger than my chromebook where I said something about me not caring.

Then, I walked off to class, leaving him stumped. Math was next.

Yeah, that’s all I have to say about that. We did the usual. Numbers, and stuff. I’m not saying I don’t like it, I’m not, seriously, not at all, I’m in fact enjoying’s just, you know me, reader, it’s never been a good ride with me and Math. At the beginning it’s all smiles and stuff, the next thing you know, something I don’t know about pops up and I end up groaning quietly to myself and laying my head on the table. It doesn’t get any harder once I know what to do, but all the things about interests and stuff like that… least I’m being an office worker now, right? I might need to rethink the, uhh….the accountant thing...since I’m….not doing well in Math...well, not really. At least I’m not the only one in class that didn’t do the question! If most of the class get stumped on a question that I’m stumped on, then I’m alll gooood. Well, that’s my perspective.

Moving on, Science. Science was good. Since this is being typed a week later after the lesson, I forgot what I did for Science.

Same goes for English. Well, not really, I remember more about English. I was in the library, and there were things happening around me. I checked my book out, and read probably the first three pages, before subjecting myself to looking at everyone else. I found out that spewing out rainbows would be better than crying skittles.

Because, well, it's quite simple. Spewing out rainbows would be cool. Crying out skittles wouldn't be cool. Why? Well, first off, you could need to cry, and everyone knows that in today's society it's a taboo to cry. Also, skittles are solid. Rainbows are...well...rainbows! Wouldn't it hurt if something  solid came out of your eye? Sure, at first glance that could sound like something relieving, but it's not, okay? In other words, some people would cry because of the pain of skittles coming out of their eyes. And, what happens when you cry? More skittles come out!! This is like a paradox, but really a paradox.

Besides, it'll be cool to see a rainbow come out of your mouth. More efficient if you're about to swear...that way, it's colourful language...literally!

A few minutes passed, and I then saw two guys were inside chatting up a storm, and as they left, I felt relieved. Towards the end of the school day, I walked out to take a swig of my drink, and one of the guys out there were quite mean comparing my name to...well...I think you know what the name is, reader...I’m sensitive about that because, well, my name’s better than that. I walked back inside, which was followed by some compassionate groaning from the others.

I think they knew how I felt.

At the end, I was self-conscious about my name, thanks, mate  - the guy I never knew the name of. But, you know what they say, you only admit you like a person as a friend by knowing their name. Yeah, most of my new friends I don’t know the names of, but this situation was different.

Very different.

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