Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wednesday 4th May - Part One - Today I Learned...

A foggy morning. So much fog. Looking outside the bedroom window, the trees that were visible from far away were gone. That’s such a cool effect. But not as cool as the actual fog! Dad dropped me off to school, and I was off from there. The fog was clearing, just as the conversation about the fog was rising. In the Mentor session, I continued my quizzing journey for my Careers Expo booklet. I had to fill out this questionnaire about different abilities and interests in them. In the end, it was quite surprising. My top career choice was an office worker.

An office worker.

Well, ain’t that surprising. I know in this generation there could be different careers that I’ll take in the future (hopefully), but an office worker...I was amazed at the sight of the two words. I always preferred an office job. I began on the next part, which was about skills, before the bell rang for the first period. Social Studies. Again, it was about the Show Me the Money assignment. Did you know that Whina Cooper was involved in the land march from Northland all the way to Parliament in Wellington? I didn’t know that. I also learned (well I did learn this already, during some research in the holidays). I also got a small chair. Jade probably knew that, because she was sitting in my spot. I don’t blame her, it felt uncomfortable. Erika asked to swap seats, and well, you see, Erika, uhh...uhh...well...not as tall...and with the short chair…but, I mean, she had a big chair...and, she I took the offer…

Boy, she looked younger.

Well, height-wise.

If you know what I mean.

You probably don’t.

It’s okay, reader.

The bell rang - well, the beeper siren thingy rang - and it was Art. Art is quite interesting, isn’t it? I mean, as always, there’s always something happening. This really had that Room 10 vibe for a while. Or just a normal classroom making noise. It might sound odd, but it feels natural at times. That sounded weird, but that doesn’t matter, what mattered at the time was working on some stuff and painting. There was the occasional comment thrown over everywhere at different points of time. Oh, I forgot to mention the focus, we’re still focusing on pop art.

Morning Tea. Now I can talk about it. I walked my way to the library to finish off what I thought was the last bit of the Science homework I had to do. It was still the note task. Cavhyon was a bit bored, so he sat next to me, and we listened to some tunes while I worked a little bit. Then, another friend came by (I know his name but the thing is, I never say his name in front of him. I don’t know why, and that leads to me not knowing how to spell his name, and I will not attempt to
spell his name) and we talked about some stuff about subjects and learning and merits and credits. I finished my work, thankfully, just minutes before the bell. Two more songs played before the bell rang. Then, with the Tamaki Primary vibe showing…

What did I do?

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