Thursday, 19 May 2016

Wednesday 11th May - Today I Learned...

I had no pen.

In the morning, when I arrived, I went into the office, wondering about the cost of a pen. Some say it’s cheap, because, well, it’s a pen. But, I was going to test that.

The office person told me that they didn’t sell pens. There was actually a place where someone did. It was not so far from the library, under a weird glass covering thing. I remembered that location, but never really knew HOW to get there. It was plainly obvious once I realized. But, the office person told me where to go. I forgot where to go, so I gave up on the what could be a short search and headed for the Mentor session. I forgot that Mrs. Scott (Year Nine Dean) was going to take over the mentoring session, and through the session, we just worked on the career thing. I still had no pen. At least I borrowed one to use for now. 

Social Studies. I forgot what happened, but I can tell you, reader, that it was about reading a piece of text about the New Zealand Sporting Identity. Art was next...I was continuing on my pop art, while Nathanael, who hadn’t been kicked out of class (yet) was starting on his tracing. Christian (you remember him, right?) was sitting next to me, and he started again on his drawing. Not tracing...drawing...meaning he didn’t have any of those sketchy marks on his paper, it was all nice and smooth. Until I added a bit more detail on my one (he was copying off my picture), then he had to start again.

Besides the unnecessary comments from some people, which is basically the new normal in Art, it was going fine. After the session finished, I paced myself while walking to the office, practising my way of asking where the stationery place was. I walked in, and the blonde office receptionist came to me and I asked her. Halfway through the directions, she had trouble remembering where to go. She stopped talking, placed her hand in one of those folder holding thingies, and got a pen out. She placed it on the counter, and I looked at it. With astonishment.
“Really?” I asked the receptionist, just to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence she placed a pen on the counter right in front of me,
“Take it.” she replied with a smile.

That was kind. Nice, too, because now I had a pen! But, as always, I was going to lose that pen, the pen with the different ink know that kind of pen, reader, you know what I mean, right? That pen that you can change the ink colour. This was going to be worth having for Math, which, of course, would be suitable to have a pen with you because, well, everyone else does it in class, why shouldn’t I? Of course, I would answer this question with stuff about being independent and going against popular choice.

During Math, it wasn’t that hard, actually. Still doing some algebra stuff, getting some terms and formulas down. Just when I was filling some terms down, the door opened, and Mr. Vester, the principal, walked in with a lady. The lady was, as I heard, one of the people from the Ministry of Education, or the Education Review Office. She walked around the room as Mr. Abeysuriya was going around, and, goodness, I couldn’t believe this happened to me…

“Can I sit here?” she asked,
“Oh, sure.” I replied, with a smile. You know how I am with visitors. You know, reader. Just look for some blogposts that have the word “visitor” in them, then you’ll know. I smiled while she was looking, but, when she turned away to look at the class working, I expressed worry in my facials to Tyson and Cezar, who were sitting behind me. “OH, MY, GOODNESS” I mouthed at them, “I’M, FLIPPING, SCARED”
“DON’T, SCREW, UP” Tyson whisper-yelled. But, the weirdest thing happened. The lady turned around, and was facing Tyson and Cezar, and I started to guffaw silently. Tyson’s face said it all. “WHAAAAAAAT” he mouthed as she looked away again. The next few minutes were filled with the three talking about learning and the school in general. 

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