Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday 3rd May - Today I Learned...

This post is going to be hopefully short, because, well, I forgot to do these posts last week. These were done last week. Obviously. I mean, some people would wonder why these posts have the dates of last week. These are literally from last week, by the time you’re reading this. Anyway, moving on…the mentor session. Careers quiz. There’s a Careers Expo happening in Edgewater in a couple of weeks time, and there’s this booklet that I have to fill out (with other students...well, basically, every student doing the booklet) so that it will be easier once it begins. From a little test about how I’m going with career ideas and deciding and adapting. Most of it was “fair”. That’s good enough.

French. Ms. Andrews was the reliever for French this time. Into the computer rooms we went, and the French class were going to do online learning. This was probably to fill in for the actual lessons probably, I think. I didn’t know what to do for some games, especially this one game called Manic Miner. What a weird game it was. This minder, who would transport to different levels by going down a toilet. “That’s weird…” I said out loud to myself. Then I saw the text…

Bye, Willy.

“What?!?!” I thought-yelled to myself. How weird. As I played on, I told Daniel (who was on the computer next to me) that I knew what my career would be in the future. Mining, yes. I was kidding, by the way, and it was way more funnier in the moment, as we guffawed.

Social Studies. Finally, I can talk about this. During the holidays, I was given the assignment from Ms. Minahan called Show Me the Money. It was about the people on our money. You know, Sir Edmund Hillary, Kate Sheppard, Sir Ernest Rutherford, and Sir Apirana Ngata. And, Queen Elizabeth II, but she’s more important in the next task. Part one of the assignment was to research and answer questions about one person of the four. I chose Apirana Ngata, just to go against popular choices, because I wanted a challenge, you know? I mean, I never knew who he actually was until the assignment came up. The second part was about a scenario. The Queen has been taken off the $20 note. Who should be a New Zealander (who is well-known) on the $20 note? I chose Dame Whina Cooper, and it was by accident, too, since I was just scrolling through an article. Anyways, moving on, everyone was just focusing on researching on the computers. I was stoked to find out I could just do my thing

I’ll skip Morning Tea because I totally forgot.

English. I knew something was up when Mr. Banks was at the door. Usually, if you didn’t notice, reader, there are students waiting in the short hallway before the entrance to B13. Inside, Mr. Banks grabbed some papers. “Surprise test!” Ms. Clark said half-triumphantly, followed by groans and a boo. 
“Boo!” I sarcastically said. It wasn’t that big of a deal, really, but *moans again* wait...why am I moaning again now? Moving on, It was a listening test. A voice would tell a story, and then we would have to answer questions about the recording. Or, the story. Or, the article. Or, the-whatever you call it, I just call it a recording.

Math...it was hard, but it isn't that surprising, isn't it? Everyone got their results back from the test last term. I got an Achieved. Thank blooming, cricketing, wicketing, slithering, snaking goodness. At least I didn’t fail. Mr. Abeysuriya then told everyone that only one person answered the last question on the test. I wasn’t surprised, actually. I mean, I couldn’t do the last question because, one, it was too long and B, it was hard. Fair point, am I right? Then we started doing these long questions about interest rates.

I’ll skip lunch. Sorry.

Science was last. More things about the periodic table. Such a weird transition on this blog, now that I think about it. It used to be all about intermediate things that everyone who was student could relate to, now I’m talking about the periodic table. Later on I’ll talk about the “basics” of the periodic table on this blog. It won’t be perfect, but...yeah, it won’t be perfect. Anyway, I was just finishing off my notes about the differences between the metals, the nonmetals, and the metalloids. That was about it for Science.

Well...it wasn't short.

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