Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Tuesday 10th May - Today I Learned...

Two minutes after nine.

I should start leaving home earlier. Especially if Abbie begins coming with us, because that takes off some minutes for going to school. Mentor time. I walked in just as everyone else sat down. I was still doing the career booklet. Good, at least I have more time to complete it. Cezar took my pen (well, it was his pen, and though he said it’s his he got it off me after I lended it to him), and I was left with “my” Surface laptop, touchscreen know what, I’ll just call it Surfy. My Surfy. It’s a classroom one, but I wrote my name down on it which means that Surfy #3 is mine to use whenever 9E are in Science.

Moving on. What was next? The first subject was French, and I can tell you, reader, Ms. Macpherson was back, and she talked about the trip to France with her other French class (I didn’t know the name of the French class that went) over the holidays. There were lots of pictures and photos of their trip, including lots of delicacies and landmarks. They went to Disneyland in Paris, and rode on bikes, and did loads of stuff. And, it looked so weird of how the night/evening looked from the pictures! It gets dark only AFTER nine! Wow! Goodness gracious, it still looked like day. I was starting to wonder if the jet lag was still in Ms Macpherson from the sight of the skies! By the way, the pictures of the first week (of two) had such fine weather. The second week...not as good, but still, great photos.

Social Studies was next. 9E were starting on a new thing related to New Zealand Identity, which was the 1981 Springboks Tour in New Zealand. This gave me chills when I first read the words on the schedule board (a board that sits on the chair in Social Studies that has information for each class coming into B12). It wasn’t because of the actual thing, it was because of this thing that happened last year that got me a teensy bit worried, and Mehi was part of it as well (if she’s reading this, she probably knows what I’m talking about….wait, you know what I’m talking about...right, Mehi? Right? I know I can’t really respond to you, but if you can, I’ll just give a guess that you do know what I mean). But, anyway, the whole class first had to write down the meaning of “apartheid”. Now, I didn’t know the meaning, and surely no one on my table didn’t know, too. But, when Tyson overheard Nathanael talking about apartheid, he thought he knew it. Well, he was going to make it a guess.

So we all wrote down what he said. And, with our hands on our heads, Ms. Minahan crowned us as the winning table. But, she didn’t look at our meaning. Goodness, I knew this would be wrong. This is going to be one of the moments to remember, reader. And, so, reader, my table was filled with guilt (but it was still funny), because Ms. Minahan gave us these KitKat bars before actually looking at the words. Yeeahhh, I felt guilty, so I didn’t eat my bar, along with Cezar...and Aramus...and Tyson (although he already opened the wrapper)...but not Nathanael, he ate the whole thing in under 30 seconds. For the rest of the period, the whole class watched a documentary about the 1981 Springbok Tour, and now, from watching that, I now know more about it! I know realize the three perspect-oh! I shouldn’t talk about it! I need to hush!

But! After a bit of a search on Google, I can guess that the KitKat bar flavour was green tea. I forgot to mention, the bar was green. Tyson wasn’t in favour of that. Or should I say, flavour! Ahaa! Sorry for that, reader, I just haven’t done a pun in a long time...on here, on the blog, I mean, in the real world, I’ve been making puns with my new friends! How nice is that, huh? Saying my puns now, without condemnation. Well, it’s not fully gone, because now the criticism was in puns! Kinda bittersweet, but at least there’s some puns going around!

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