Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday 5th May - Today I Learned...

I woke up late. The time was around 8:30am. I was still getting used to getting back in my sleeping routine for school. You know, most students would sleep in during the holidays, once you do it for about two weeks, it gets hard to get back to the regular sleeping schedule. (This is going to be a good segue to school) But, that wasn’t really the case for the three guys that usually sit with me - Nathanael, Tyson, and Cezar (they’re from previous Today I Learned posts in February), who talked about their time to hit the hay. I heard 10 o’clock, 11-12 o’clock, then I heard eight o’clock from Nathanael. Of course I knew that was sarcasm he used. He’s always sarcastic with his humour, now that I think about it. Moving on, we were in the last Mentor session for the week. Finishing off some career stuff for the careers expo happening in Week 3.

Moving on, there was Music to be done with! The girls and most of 9D had already arrived. Dang. In short, well, hopefully short, we talked about some stuff about the orchestra again and the instruments used. The brass family in the orchestra consists of the trumpet, the trombone, the french horn, the tuba, and basically anything in the orchestra that involves you moving your fingers on some valves, unless it’s a trombone, or bugle. The string family are the ones with, well, strings, like the violin and the viola, the cello, the double bass, and all the rest. 

The percussion family was basically any instrument that generates sound if you only hit it. This included the snare drum, the timpani, the piano (it has strings, but you press down on the keys, and it’s not really used in the orchestra as much as the other instruments), the xylophone, the glockenspiel...all of that. The woodwind family consists on instruments that are like the oboe, the bassoon, the piccolo, the flute. It was also mentioned that the strings are at the front, mostly because of the fact that the brass family and the percussion family are more powerful and louder than most or even ALL of the string family, so the string family is at the front so that it’s somewhat on a balanced level with the louder instruments.

Wow, gosh, never knew I’d talk about Music class like that. Anyway, the next subject was Physical Education. The new sport for this part of the term was volleyball! Oh, volleyball. I remember the good old days playing that when I was just a little boy. Sure, I got hit in the face once, but that wasn’t going to stop me. There were four parts of the whole court. The court on the far left were for people who were new at it, and the court on the far right were for people who were experienced in volleyball. I went onto the the second court (the one next to the far left) and, well, it went everywhere after that. What followed in the rest of the period was a big load of fun and lots of laughs to go around, as my team tried to beat the other team. I now leave you with some wise words that I passionately yelled while my team missed the ball…

“It’s not fair! You’ve got a tall person on your team!”-Willy L

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