Monday, 16 May 2016

Monday 9th May - Today I Learned...

Had to drop Abby off to school with Dad.

Went to school. A bit late. Health was first. I walked in, and noticed something different about the room. Yes, of course, Ms. Potter was wearing different clothes, just like every other teacher in the school. But, it wasn’t that...standing at the door for about a second, everything froze. What was different? I scanned the room, checking to see anything...different. Everything started moving normally again, and Daniel (I think I’ve mentioned him before) stops me before I reach my seat, and focuses my attention to Carlos (this guy in class who’s...well, I don’t know…cool...sorry, I don’t really use the word “cool” at school. Anyways, what was different about him? I found out. “Like your hat.” I said with a smirk.

Okay, that was just a joke. He got his hair dyed blonde over the weekend. Gosh, it was pretty...out there, pretty out there. Health continued on, and we had storytime!! Yay!

The story was called Alligator River. It was about a girl named Abigail and she had a boyfriend, called Greg. There was a river filled with alligators, and Abigail needed a boat to get across to Greg. Who had a boat? Sinbad the Sailor, of course. But, Abigail was faced with a problem: Sinbad said that she would have to sleep with him to get the boat. She asked her mum, and her mum told her that she was old enough to make that decision. So, Abigail slept with Sinbad, and later on, she gets the boat and meets Greg at last. After telling him everything, Greg broke up with her. Sad. So, she went to her friend Slug for a shoulder to cry on. In the end, Greg was beaten up from Slug, as Abigail laughed.

The end.

Wow, quite an abnormal story, especially since “Sinbad” kinda sounds like a name for a bad person. After the story, everyone in their tables had to organize the characters (Mum, Abigail, Sinbad, Greg, Slug) from the most admirable to the most despicable. I heard that, from Tyson, Abigail was the most despicable because, well, he didn’t like the name. Of course that was a joke (well, hopefully), but I still protested that it wasn’t a bad name. If you didn’t know, reader, my sister’s name is Abigail, and I wasn’t the only one. Zoe F. (there’s two of them, one tall and one...well...not as tall) said she has a sister named Abigail (possibly correct spelling), and well, after that, the conversation soon turned from the story into deeper subjects. It made total sense, don’t worry. It’s also a crime, that kind of thing, not pressuring someone to do it with you, but letting them give consent. Then, there was some age stuff and...stuff...

Oh, goodness, this took up most of the post...might as well make this snappy….Science was good, English was good, we all started reading I am David….Music was good, just some work to fill out about the instruments...Math was good…….wellllll, sort of…..I don’t know, we’re just gradually moving onto Algebra.

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