Sunday, 15 May 2016

Friday 6th May - Today I Learned...

I arrived at school for the last day of Week One. First up, Social Studies. It was a reliever. I had already finished my presentation (because I did it online), so I had nothing to do except for...well...yeah, that’s basically it. Nothing. Tyson was busy drawing on the spare paper, along with Cezar. I didn’t know what kind of situation they were in. They told me beforehand they did their work online. Then, when the reliever teacher asked them what was up, they said they finished. Weird. Weird...but that might just be me.

Math was next. As always. The subject was alright. Juust alright. Pretty good.

Science. It was after Morning Tea. I’ll only summarize it in a few words. Basically, it was about what particles do when in a solid, a liquid, or solid.

Physical Education time. Well, not really. I took the time to go into the bathroom stall, and change into my P.E gear, walk out of the door and go straight to the big gym...then, when everyone sat down, the reliever teacher (Ms. Potter wasn’t here) told everyone that changed, to change back into our uniform again! I mean, come on, she could’ve told someone to tell everyone else to not change. I had to walk back and struggled with changing back into my uniform, all while mumbling and grumbling about what just happened. It was all because there was another whanau meeting being held later on in the period.

This meant that, after the free time everyone had for the remainder of P.E, everyone in their whanau had to go to the locations of their whanau.

Remember, reader, I’m in Ngata. And, all the Ngata people were going to be in the library this time. Upon arrival, I noticed that there were hardly any seats left. There were a lot of older students around the tables. But, luckily enough, I found one. The main focus of the meeting for Ngata was that this term was going to have some of the more academic activities, like the spelling bee, and all the smart stuff. And, a good point was made, too, how Ngata has most of the smart people. I mean, the speaker did have a fair point about that.

I mean, I’m in it, soooo, you knoow,, nevermind, I’m kidding. Although I had no trouble with my seat, the guy right behind me was practically talking through the whole meeting. It’s a shame he didn’t get caught out, unlike one guy who tried getting out of the library by using the emergency exit, which caused an alarm to go off. Overall, I signed up for pavement art!

Lolo kinda got me in the mood to do it. Well...actually, it was

Lunch came ‘round, and then after that, Art was next...sure, Nathanael got kicked out of the class for dipping a pair of scissors into yellow paint, but that wasn’t going to dwell on my mind while I was doing my pop art. While I’m on the subject of pop art, I might as well talk about what the class was doing. Despite numerous distractions coming from one person distracting both the teacher and students, the Art class that I was in was focusing on pop art - you know, those images with the primary colours (red, yellow, blue) like those pictures in comic books. Our pop art was going to be based on the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein, and my picture was going to be like this picture that had the word “POP!” in the middle of it. It was going to be like this:

Caitlyn (I think I’ve mentioned her before in a Today I Learned post, but I also probably didn’t, but just in case, she’s another classmate in 9E) was trying to get a start on her pop art artwork, but golly, she was in a bit of a pickle. And, I saw every bit of it...because I was sitting near all started with finding the template that had the word “POP!” on it (otherwise known as that picture above), and when she found it, she was struggling just a bit on tracing the whole thing on an A4 piece of paper. Then, this is where Miss Fortune came along. These two guys, who were wearing headbands, opened the door with mischievous smirking, causing Caitlyn’s tracing session to end abruptly. Goodness, that was kind of rude. There wasn’t anywhere else to do proper tracing besides the door that lead outside. Then, as Caitlyn went somewhere else to get something, Aramus (one of the new students in 9E) took her “POP!” picture. Now Caitlyn had to use another picture that was harder than the “POP!” one. I felt kinda sad for her, I mean, so much bad luck…

At least it wasn’t Friday the 13th!


Dorothy said...

That was quite an odd day you had Willy! There seemed to be a few relievers in your classes on Friday.

Mrs Burt

Logan@wis said...

Hi Willy I like how you have written what you did it sounds like you had a lot of relievers in your classes on friday. Hopefully you can carry on the today I learned.

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