Saturday, 23 April 2016

Social Studies Super-riser! (Part Two of two)

Lots of falling down and bumping off. Literally. When I got into there, it was a bit hard. I got stuck, and rolled around for a few seconds. Then I had some trouble standing up. I got there in the end, and went out onto the field. I don't know why, but I was commenting on everything I could just see. It was blurry, but that wasn't a surprise. It was my first time doing this, by the way, so I experimented some stuff. Bumping into one person into another person results in the third person to get all the force from me to fall over, while the second person gets half the force.

When I got out (which was a bit of a struggle, too), I started cheering again to anyone who was doing a great job. Jamie (classmate) kept falling over and kept on getting bumped over. "You can do it, Jamie!" I cheered out, as he was running aimlessly. Caitlyn (another classmate in 9E) was being bumped over and rolling almost every time she stood back up. No one noticed, apparently, that Caitlyn had been upside down for about five seconds, dangling her legs in the air. As she got control over the ball, coming back right-side-up from her upside-down position, I noticed she was in a bit of a pickle. Or, in this case, a bubble.

When she got out, Cezar (you probably know him from Today I Learned) got into a bubble ball, and I got into one. Again. I had trouble getting into it. Again. And I got bumped off by Tyson. Again. I bumped into him, but then he bumped into Jamie, who fell over. Whoops. I ran further and then I saw what I was supposed to be aiming for...the ball! Out in the open, waiting to be kicked. I was going to be the person to kick it. So I went. I went for it. I went for the ball. Gosh, I felt so squashed in there. But, I couldn't let that thought take over...

I ran towards it...closer...closer...then Patricia popped up in my bubble ball vision, and without no hesitation, I bumped her off, away from the ball. I was determined to get this ball in the goal. I get the ball. Kicking it with my feet, I tried really hard not to jinx this moment by thinking "don't trip over the ball...don't trip over the ball...". I was close to the goal. I kicked the ball...

It moved, with the force it got from my kicking foot.

And, it got into the goal! What a miracle! I didn't stuff this moment up! This actually went well! I got one goal! After getting that goal, I realized that my call of duty was fulfilled, and so I went out of the bubble as quickly as possible, and celebrated. I don't know if anyone else saw that, because there was another ball on the field, but that's alright. I got one goal. That was all that mattered...until other people said they scored more than four goals, then I felt a little...a litttle...bad? I don't know, but that feeling was brief, and I went bck to the happy mode about getting a goal during bubbleball soccer...

Everyone made an effort to help deflate the bubble balls, and it was surely a good sight. Some people

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