Saturday, 23 April 2016

Social Studies Super-riser!! (Part One of Two)

On Thursday, the 14th of April, during lunchtime.

Some of the girls from 9E walked passed me to remind me to get changed into my P.E gear. Something was going to happen during Social Studies, and the Peer Support Students Team (well that's what I call them, I actually have no idea what the group are called, and I may sound facetious saying this but I'm being serious, I don't know, okay? I don't know) had been planning it for a long time, as Ms. Minahan (my Social Studies teacher in 9E) said.

I decided to walk away from my little group and started taking off my shirt (like, literally, my school shirt, because my P.E t-shirt was underneath) as I ate my cookies that I promised myself I would eat. I walked to the nearest field that I could see. It was where the previous event was held (I'll talk about that event later). But upon was just some rugby-or-rugby-league game beginning, and I knew that we weren't going to do that. I did not spend eight dollars for that. I should mention that we (9E) would have to pay eight dollars for this event. If you have to pay for something in a subject, it's bound to be...well...worth it.

I kept walking, eating another cookie, and as I turned a corner, I saw a pretty unusual sight.

These bubble balls were lying on the field, along with some of the Peer Support Leaders surrounding it. I don't know how, but I felt shocked. And surprised. I seriously did not expect this. At least I knew it was going to be physical! Well, that's because T.J (or Tony, one of the Peer Support Leaders) told me at this breakfast thing in which I spilt something, by the way, and I felt guilty (really guilty) about because he cleaned it up (still feel guilty typing this, ooohh), but anyway, that's how I knew it was a physical activity.

I can't exactly remember what I was thinking as I slowly walked towards those bubble balls (at the time I didn't know the name for them), but I know I was trying to make a few puns for later on. I don't know what's with the puns I make. Some of them aren't even original, they're just rehearsed so I can use them in the appropriate situation. When I arrived, well, I finished my biscuits, before more 9Eers (unofficial name of students in 9E). The instructor told everyone about how to get into the bubble balls.

Tony picked the first people to get into the bubble balls after the introduction. There was a bibbed team and a non-bibbed team. Sanjay (girl classmate in class) passed her bib to me, and I felt lucky. But I didn't want to go up either, too, since Tyson (he was a brute, sometimes too committed to the game, but that's normal, because everyone's like that) was on the non-bibbed team, so I passed it on to Eric. He groaned before moving out onto the bubble balls, and I started to cheer, and wait for a proper turn.


By the way, here's a map showing my short journey to the field....

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